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  1. Recently bought an 03 plate KA, and when the radio is on my phone interferes with the radio. This is just about bearable but I have a few old cassettes which I like playing, and when these are playing the interference is dreadful! Does anyone else have similar problems? Or could it be to do with the black box I've got fitted in my car? and if so is there any simple rewiring i can do to help fix the problem? Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. thanks took it back to the place I got it from, they said it was the alternator so replaced it so hopefully it's sorted now!
  3. bought an 03 plate ka (yesterday actually) and drove about 40 miles in it before the battery light came on whilst I was driving. I wasn't sure why it had come on whilst I was driving unless it was a fault with the alternator. managed to just about get it onto my drive before I stalled and the battery went dead and wouldn't restart. 1. what could be the problem I have read about dodgy wiring to the alternator on ka's could it be that? 2. would the garage who sold me this have known about the problem? the price of the car came down £150 in two days and whilst I was signing all the documents the guy kept the engine running (to ensure I would be able to drive a bit before battery going flat??) I don't know a lot about cars or alternator problems so any help would be appreciated thank you!