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  1. What Alloys Are These...

    Hello guys. Can you psl tell me what alloys are these.. thanks in advance
  2. ! Guide ! - Fitting Cruise Control Aftermarket

    Hello. Does anyone know if this can work on new mk7.5? Thanks
  3. Cruise Control Activation Mk 7.5

    New firmware also adds Deflation Detection System. So the guide above won't be good for 7.5? I know a guy who mades these firmwares and he did activated these features but i don't know anybody who fitted a new plate with buttons. Did anyone do it here? Why not, it's there already, we just need to activate it plus to replace a plate with needed buttons.
  4. Hello guys. I have a 2012 Ford Fiesta (new MK 7.5). And i was told this fiesta has cruise control (only the ones that have got ESP) but its not activated. Is that true? If yes do you know where i can get cruise control buttons for trying to do this? I found a guide here Thanks