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  1. currently working on it but its difficult, it changes everything to km with no option to turn to mi
  2. Sorry to revive this thread, but Ive got it working in my mk7 fiesta bar a few parts. Need the screen cradle and need to find ASAP. Also anyone know what the pink, black and green fakra connections are for
  3. How hard was the retrofit? what was required?
  4. Happening?
  5. I'd be up for it... where is this car park?
  6. I'm game for this! not for ford fest convoy as convoying from a friends
  7. I'm only down the road... may pop in for abit
  8. if not im on fiestaownersclub stand and i cant make it so selling my ticket
  9. are you wrapping your car or something?
  10. if you want max-d out... speak to danny mcquire on facebook as he is doing a deal on them atm
  11. Just wondering... has anybody ever got flames out the 1.0T exhaust
  12. anything organised yet?
  13. So I've just had this problem occur where when I'm driving along, I can upshift perfectly fine from gears 1-5. But when I go to downshift, it's difficult to downshift into gear 1 & 2. 2 is practically impossible to downshift too. Thing is, when I'm stationary (engine running and not running), I can go into all gears fine. Anybody able to help me?
  14. And there's more! So these came today... Wing Mirror Rain Guards.... And they are already fitted! Before: After: And now because of the number of stone chips on them, the fog light covers have come off again for a new lease of life with paint. Not just that, but to go with the yellow HID fogs, I've got some yellow tint to lay over the actual fog light!