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  1. Hoping my picture worked! If anybody on here is a fan of WRC you'll have heard of m-sport and Malcolm Wilson. Well my dad is practically his stalker! Today my dad signed a business deal with m-sport in applying his car product to the rally cars. I'm hoping to sneak along when he's there next applying his product to get some fab photos and maybe they will take me out on a test track run...:-) Abby
  2. Interior Footwell Lights Mk7

    Lee they look great! Thanks for sharing :-) Abby
  3. Heated Windscreen

    I forget how much I love my heated windscreen until winter arrives, I get outside and think, 'dam I'm going to be late for work!' But it comes to the rescue and melts within minutes, hallelujah !!! Abby
  4. How Could Ford Improve The Fiesta?

    I'd want the pop out door protectors like the focus, more interior lighting as standard, I do love most things about the current fiesta though Abby
  5. My newer car! (White)

  6. image

    From the album My newer car! (White)

    So my dad gets to go to m sport a few times a year during WRC season to put his product on their cars, he often brings back a sticker or two!! ;-) I nabbed one
  7. Interior Footwell Lights Mk7

    Charlie love yours! Lee boy show us your photos when you've installed :-)
  8. IMG 20140623 083713

    Nice photos!
  9. image

    From the album My newer car! (White)

    © AbbyH

  10. image

    From the album My newer car! (White)

    © AbbyH

  11. Installed blue footwell lights today in my mk7 fiesta. Yes I am a woman, and thought I'd be alright... Took me a wee while, got there in the end! Anyway, I had to wire them into the passenger pillar area, anybody else had this problem? Apologies for my poor photos, I'll take some more in the dark !
  12. Changed my own headlight bulbs woo hoo!

  13. photo 1

    Looks lovely!!
  14. My car

  15. image

    From the album My car

    © Permashine