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  1. Happy Birthday Girl-Rac3r--ox!

  2. What cars do you hope to have?

    i just want a cossie. easily pleased :) lol
  3. Air freshners

    Blue- New Car Black- Black Ice Yellow- Vanilla :)
  4. stumped

    thank you :) i should be getting my diploma in the subject in the next couple of weeks :D didnt start out with mechanics though lol. did childcare for a year.
  5. Engines

    Im planning to put a new engine in my sad little 1.1 fiesta...does anyone know how much it effects the insurance by?
  6. IPODS

    has it got a USB connection point?
  7. Heey

    Welcome to the club :)
  8. hi all...

  9. stumped

    it's a butterfly valve, which is a type of flow control device.
  10. Ford Owners Club

    Im also a member on scc (south central cruisers) and on there they have a "girls room" and " boys room" thats a hit.
  11. Toyota Supra wide as my mamma

    That actually looks really nice.
  12. FOC Stickers and merchandise

    do you do stickers for the side skirts?
  13. Heya!

    Thank You (:
  14. Thanks For The Add. (: