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  1. Hi guys... (Apologies for any typos.) Fiesta S 1.0L. Just had the second, [free], service and valet and had a pleasant surprise. Everything mighty fine plus I still have 3mm of tread left on the front tyres after 21800 miles on the clock, <shock>, I have never gotten any more than aroud 18000 before; cool. Still got 4mm+ on the rears too... What sort of mileage are you getting out of your tyres on your machines? Also took me a while but I successfully got the cup appear on the screen saying I am an "Advanced Eco Driver". Back to normal driving. ;o) Bazza.
  2. Righto, off air now and back to coding... CYA...
  3. Well it is geared primarily for economy, and I have posted real figures on here as to what I am getiing or have gotten - see below. Yes I do like the long legs now and as some have quoted on here "third is a ton of fun". It runs out of steam at 104 on my clock, (agian allow at least 4 MPH fast), giving a __real__ speed of around 100 MPH. Second runs out of steam at around 65 on my clock. On country roads like in Norfolk the S would not let itself down when the opponent, whether an ST owner or not, realised that it was up against 998 cc and only 3 pots. To me this is awsome. Remember the S is sold as an economic car with a loose approximate handling characteristic of its ST senior. In case you have not seen my consumption figures here they are if you are interested:- Urban Winter: 41.3 MPG. Current Urban Summer: 43.6 MPG. Combined Average ove 200 miles round trip: 54.7 MPG. One off US style highway from M1 J23 to QE Bridge M25, average 54 to 60 MPH: 67.9 MPG. One off 20 odd minute thrash around Norfolk: 49.1 MPG. It would be interesting to see these figures for the ST. At 64 I still get some fun along with great economy to boot. As no one has tested the ST against the 3 banger S on real country roads then one can only speculate but the S would not be an embarrasment. I have owned the previous ST for 6 years from new and my current one certainly handles better, long lesg or not.
  4. Hi neil1jur... > Just winding you up mate.Ha ha, don't get me wrong though I did nearly have an ST but at 64 years old I don't really need around 160 BHP at the road surface any more... I will be doing a _chip_change_ as an XMAS prezzy from the family though and it should come close to my old ST, changing from sub 10s to sub 9s or maybe even sub 8s to 62, which will please me no end if it works...
  5. I am aware of how quick the new ST is as my old ST was quick(ish) if you consider 7.9 to 62 as quick. I have even stated on here that it did not seem to be that quick in reality as I have owned much quicker cars. But I was just surprised that it didn't catch me until I shut off. Had we kept on going and speed limits allowed it would have romped all over the S but hey 70 MPH is the legal limit on open dual carriageways and motorways and with almost similar handling on UK country roads would not have that much of an edge. Third is so wide on the S that I have no need to go up to fourth whilst having fun, second and third will do me just fine, thank you... ;o) The 1.0L S is substantially slower than the ST to 62 in theory but two shifts to my one would probably have given me at least 1 to 2 tenths advantage because it still keeps going until around 65 on the clock (allow 3 MPH fast for the clock). I nearly had an ST but loved the growl of the 1.0L so much it swayed me and it is certainly fast enough even if it is not quick.
  6. Hi guys... As I have posted before I have a 2013 Fiesta S 1.0L 3 cylider jobby, well........ I was in front of an new ST yesterday, (Saturday August 2nd 2014), and in a 40 limit. We were at traffic lights and when changed I pulled away normally. Remember the 40 limit and dual carraige-way... Well said ST was right up my a**e so I decided to toe it in second. Got to 60 and realised so shut off at that point to my sirprise the ST could not gain on me. As soon as I shut off he shot by me on the inside and boy was it quick in third. However I have done some research and found that my 2nd leg had so much in its favour that I didn't need to change up. The specs show, (might be US ones), that the STs 2nd gear only goes to 58 MPH requiring an upshift to third. Even my old ST could do 62 in 2nd. As an addendum my summer, nearly all urban, MPG is now 43.6 MPG. Be interesting to see the STs real long term urban consumption figures. Having said all that the Fiesta ST is still a beautiful and *&*^%*& quick car... Good one Ford...
  7. Hi guys... i am seriously contemplating going down the route of Racechip Pro to drag more power/torque from my 1.0L S. Has anyone who has done this sort of thing used the HW Racechip way and can give any insight as to any foibles or quibbles from your perspectives... TIA. Bazza...
  8. Hi MattDRX... I should have qualified my last; that it is nearly all UK local urban driving... A combined test both ways averaged 54.7 MPG... And a single USA style highway one way only 130 mile test returned 67.9 MPG...
  9. Well it has done 15000+ miles now and the mostly urban mileage has steadied at 42.9/43 MPG... It went down to 41.4 MPG over the winter period but has improved to the above figure over the last few weeks. It might just top 43 MPG contiuous in the next few days, but I don't take my time in it so I doubt it. ;o) Handling is great, styling is great and I just simply lerve that 3 cylinder mill. All in all a good all rounder for the boy-racer... ;o)
  10. I had the previous Fiesta ST and that was good. This baby should romp all over it. It sure looks good... Good luck and enjoy...
  11. You will not be disappointed. As for the 659cc, you have my attention, apart from two wheels what could it be for four wheels, a beefed up version of this, LOL:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_N360#N600 I actually remember those babies...
  12. Then everyone on here can take it that your real, bottom line, price must be much greater than 14000 UKP... Otherwise the rest of those wishing to buy exactly the same spec as you would be going to that unknown dealership, walking distance or not! CASE CLOSED... ;o)
  13. I had a SportKA some years ago on a 54 plate. That is still doing its rounds here locally and looks simply superb... Although the StreetKA is similar to the SportKA it is not as quick, so don't expect sub 10s to 62 like the SportKA... Nevertheless it is STILL gorgeous looking, a decade or so on, and basic spares are cheap. Ford made a mistake not to continue it and give it subtle facelifts as it is a real girly car... It will probably handle really well, similar to the SportKA... Just imagine the SportKA with the new 123BHP 1.0L 3 cylinder jobby fitted... I have always quoted that the SportKA is by far the bset handling car I have ever had. Enjoy, because if it handles as well as the SportKA you will not be disappointed. BTW, 85000 miles is not that great for a car that is barely 9 years old...
  14. Hi 666Damian666... I am still waiting for the final price and where from? Mine was from a Ford dealer local, 20 minutes walk for me from home to dealer...
  15. I am not too worried about dents and scratches as this WILL be MY last car until I am 70. The wife will still be having a new car every 3 years or less but instead of a bottom of the range KA it will probably be another 1.0L type Ford as I can see this engine growing in _stature_...