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  1. Fuel Use

    I'm getting 40-43 mpg average per tank, and I don't have the lightest foot!
  2. So I Just Managed This (Mpg)

    I got 36 out of my last tank, but I can't resist flying away from traffic lights! My average is about 37-39 mpg. How did you manage that dave!? My best range was about 430 in my ZS.
  3. Happy Birthday DarrylW91!

  4. A Step Too Far Perhaps?

    I'd go with carbon wing mirrors and possibly the diffuser but the bonnet is a bit big I think. I always think when I see cars with different colour bonnets it just looks like they've had an accident and got a spare, but that's just me lol. Personally I'd go with subtle carbon accessories but keep them small
  5. So I Just Managed This (Mpg)

    Managed this in the ST over a tank of petrol (most of it was motorway journeys)
  6. Ford Options

    No extra charge for mileage and I was 4000 miles over my annual limit when I took my car back, but they didn't bat an eyelid because I was buying a new car. I was told the mileage charge only comes into play if you are returning the car at the end of your term - so if you decide to upgrade or keep the car it doesn't matter anyway. The only difference is (as Russdaz said) the overall value of the car may be affected by the mileage, therefore they give you a guaranteed minimum future value (GMFV) based on the miles you estimate you'll do with the car. If you go way over that, the car becomes worth less, but if they're going to get another sale out of you, they'll probably ignore this. Edit: Additionally, if you give a high annual mileage and don't reach it by the end of your 2 or 3 year term, you may find that the car is worth slightly more than the GMFV (although I'd imagine in the real world this doesn't happen very often).
  7. Ford Options

    I bought my ZS this time last year, and I've just picked my ST up at the weekend. Basically I had to pay another deposit as well as the increase in monthly payments because I'd gone over my mileage and wasn't far enough into my 'agreement' for my car to be worth more than the outstanding finance (as the initial loss on a new car takes a while to catch up with). I always wanted the ST though, so in my opinion it was worth it.
  8. Ford Options

    Ford Options cannot be done on a second hand car, it's gotta be a new one. I guess that's one way for them to try and sell more new cars
  9. Zetec-S To St.

    And you've got to take into consideration the inevitable change to an ST.. it's better to do it at the start than pay the price to upgrade early like I just did. Overall I've put down another £1000 for deposit and my payments are going up by roughly £100 a month, so if I'd have gone for the ST to begin with I'd be better off financially. It depends if you're the type of person who knows that once they've got the Zetec S, you won't be tempted to swap it for the ST.. my willpower isn't that strong
  10. Zetec-S To St.

    My logic was the free tax, better MPG and smaller monthly payments - but after a while (and after a change in circumstances) I decided to just go for it... it's only money!
  11. Zetec-S To St.

    And I partly blame you for me going in and ordering one! Only problem is that I didn't get any priv discount, so I just put my card on the table and looked the other way
  12. Zetec-S To St.

    I've just ordered an ST3, had my zetec s nearly a year but always wanted the ST originally. I'm 23 with 3 years ncb and my insurance will be going up by roughly £120 but thats with my current insurer - just renewed so wanted to stick with them I can't say much about the difference as I've not driven the ST before, but I know for a fact I've been left behind by them in my zetec s
  13. Yeah probably not lol. Ok thanks :)
  14. Oh good. and it's colour isn't it?
  15. I'm not sure.. I think they've been overproducing in anticipation of selling a lot of 15 plate cars. I think it's all Fiesta models, not just the ST. The only reason I think it's such a short wait for me is because I ordered a pretty standard spec (only options were spirit blue and style pack, which almost all ST's seem to have!) I think the main issue is probably delivery schedules... if there's that many cars being made and stored for delivery to the dealers, they probably can't keep up with moving them up and down the country.