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  1. Mk6 Springs For A Mk7

    ey all looking a bit of advice once again lindsays have let the side down and are missing me about big time with them springs to my car ordered last friday and was toldbe in tomorrow to then be lied too about the factor cancelling the order .. but anyhow does anyone know if mk6 springs will go on mk7 safely without causing anything to go wrong
  2. Heyyyy

    Yes dwf will need a good day or a really nice mate to lend me.a garage to spray my wheels lol :)
  3. Big Fiesta And Focus Meet!

    Awww comr NI lol
  4. Heyyyy

    Lol thanks guys cars booked in this week 2 be lowered and hopefully new air filer :)
  5. Help !!

    Hey, any of your mk7 fiesta owners know what would be the best springs to put on my car im looking just to lower it a tiny bit nothing too much any ideas would be great :D
  6. New Member!!!

    We had pumpspeed ones the white st when we had it and they were good like but company is amazing ! Better than mountune they are woful so they are honestly and being in NI was no help
  7. New Member!!!

    Im looking springs u can get the induction kit for them from ford for about 100 quid which is good ill pm u if I get the product codes for them im crap at fitting things im.still learning so ill to call on mate lol
  8. New Guy

    Woo !! Your not that far away !!
  9. Heyyyy

    Its on my page I cant upload onto this directly for some.reason ://
  10. New Guy

    Hey Davie !! Wheres abouts NI are ya im antrim area
  11. New Member!!!

    Lol dont worry Harry +! Love the inside of your car the led lights ive a few ordered in different colours to seewhat looks best
  12. Heyyyy

    hi daz yes there in my gallery of all 3 cars - not uploading anymore of the zetec until i get a bit of work done to it lol
  13. New Member!!!

    zetec S ecoboost same as yourself but in white
  14. New Member!!!

    Heyy Harrry !! :D
  15. Fiesta Mk7 Rs Grill ... On ! ;)

    That does look good that ,verry different !! :) :)