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  1. It could be to be honest I don't know, but i'm not seeing any message prior to the update fail message and I can't hear or control the music on my phone (neither USB or bluetooth), the phone does connect to the car via bluetooth for the phone calling functions
  2. Sorry I was being a bit vague it's failing in the car Tried it with the files from your dropbox too
  3. yep tried differant browser/computer still getting " update failed try again " message
  4. Thanks for links/downloads but the update fails after about a min I read somewhere I need to delete certain files is this true??? I do appreciate your help
  5. Thanks but the link doesn't open - just a blank page
  6. Thanks Jeebo But unfortunately none of the links I can find are working :( Any other Ideas guys?????
  7. Hey all I'm having some audio issues with my 59 plate focus Titanium - iphone connectivity- I've read that I need to update the firmware on the audio unit but I can't find where to download the updates could some one point me in the right direction please :D Thank you Jeff