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  1. Two years ago we purchased a 2008 ford fiesta Zetec, with 29,000 miles on clock. This car is used for my 50 mile a day commute, and we service it every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. It now has done around 62,000 miles. The last service was around 3,000 miles ago. We have never had an issue with this car until the other night. I met a friend for dinner in town after work, parked on a side street and sat in the car to make a phone call for ten mins. The keys were not in the ignition. The radio was on, and i had had the heater on low for the drive of around 15 mins from work. I noticed the fan was still on, even though the car was off, and but the car temperature was normal. I sat for ten mins and it didn't stop. I left the car and went for dinner the fan noise was very loud from the outside and could be heard from 100 yards away, sounded rather like a mini cooper s.., returned 2.5 hours later to find the battery completely dead, no central locking working etc., no lights. Upon opening the bonnet you could hear a quiet warring noise under the engine. The car started straight away with jump leads and i drove home. The car has seemed fine since, just the water in the radiator needed slightly topping up. should I get this investigated? I'm not very good with cars... many thanks for any advice!