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  1. Good morning all, I'm looking for some help please. My '58' Focus 1.6TDi is sick, this time I believe it's the DPF. There are two fault codes, P2458 & P242F showing. I only had the EGR replaced at a Ford dealer in Nov '13 @ £600 approx. I am not mechanically savvy but I found the FOC very helpful last November. The car is in 'limp-mode" and I managed to get it home. I was overtaking (at the legal speed) a slower vehicle, gave the power a quick boost and as I returned to the correct lane all of a sudden there was a sudden loss of power. The car will only cruise at 40-50 and not do more than 2000-2500 revs. The usual warning light (red exclamation mark) is showing as is Engine malfunction (of whatever). My question is... Apart from bringing it to a Ford dealer and being told "brand new DPF required fella", is there anything else that can be done. I've tried to read through some other forums here. HISTORY: The car I bought in Feb '12 from a Ford dealer. Three weeks later it lost power and was cutting out (in lane 3 on the M4...!). The dealer collected the car and returned it stating there was some dirt in the fuel. The evening before I fuelled it and added half a small bottle of that Diesel additive (as per recommendations) you buy in all good motor factors and stores. After that incident I never used them again. I don't drive like Meatloaf (Bat out of Hell). The chap who did me a favour by downloading the fault codes asked me if I drove hard, I said 'No' and he said well that might be the problem. He explained the process of driving high revs every so often to clear the dirt in the DPF. I live in the St Albans area in Hertfordshire. Does anyone know or recommend any independent garages in Herts/Bucks area or North London that might help or reputable Ford mechanics on here that 'work from home'...? Also, what is the going rate at a Ford dealer for DPF change Thanks..