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  1. Mondeo 2.5T

    Hi I am new here. Any mondeo 2.5T owners on here?.
  2. Would anybody be interested in a meet in the next couple of weeks?
  3. Fiesta St Front Splitter

    Where is the best place to get a front splitter for my fiesta st?
  4. New Kuga

    After nine months in my beloved fiesta st2 its time for change. Kuga Titanium 2.0 2wd in frozen white. Iv not test drove it yet just wondering what it drives like? What mpg should i expect?
  5. Mountune Booked :)

    I want to get moutune for my st. How much and where can i get it done?
  6. Non Ford Owners Opinions Of Fiesta St's

    So in summary - fiesta beats EVERY other car in its class or price bracket. (Brand new) Of course if money was no object we would all be driving verons. I challenge anybody to come up with a new car of similar price thats as cheap to buy, run. As fun to drive as quick AND as good looking as my little fiesta ST2. In my honest opinion the only challengers are.......... the ST1 and ST3 haha
  7. Picking Up My New St On Friday :d

    Your bum will loose grip of the seat before your car looses grip of the road, FACT. forget about the old ST this is a totally different beast. Enjoy!!! :)
  8. Ultimate Car Cruise 4

    didnt see that like, I meant the big one in st helens
  9. North Westerners...

    Liverpool here lads
  10. Ultimate Car Cruise 4

    Anybody coming to Ultimate car cruise 4 tomorrow? ?
  11. Calling All Ford Owners!!!!!

    A load of us meeting at showcase car park then goin up in convoy ur welcome to join. Bit out the way for you tho
  12. Calling All Ford Owners!!!!!

    Il keep an eye out for you. Didnt you come to one of our Liverpool meets one time?
  13. Non Ford Owners Opinions Of Fiesta St's

    The standard st has been rcorded at 209bhp on dyno runs my remapped car is at about 220bhp. It dont keep up with the faster german cars but merc c220's bmw 320's an most audi' excluding the s' s it gobbles them up. I am not tryin to say my car is the best car in the world. Im simply sayin it blows away everything in its price bracket.
  14. Calling All Ford Owners!!!!!

    Where are you travelling from??