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  1. A quite interesting day on the road today. Spotted another Focus RS on the road (Castleford to Leeds), now I'm hoping to see one that isn't blue lol. M180 Eastbound was closed due to Lorry Crash (see link) ---> M180 Lorry Crash So I had to detour around it via the Humber Bridge which is pretty cool, with the video sped up 5 times the van sounds like a motorbike lol On the way back from Grimsby I saw what I think was an attempted Crash for Cash. A people carrier seems to deliberately brake and swerve across the HGV, The car stopped at entrance where you last see it and doesn't go into forecourt straight away. The HGV is carrying a chemical load too so it could have been very nasty. Very shortly after that near miss I came across the site of the earlier Lorry crash, the media reporting the HGV ran into the barrier. This was taken 4 hours after the accident happened, and traffic that took the slip-road off the M180 to detour are still stuck, so glad I went Humber Bridge. What I find strange is the earlier Lorry Crash and the Near Miss I witnessed being so close together, less than 4 hours apart. I can't help but think maybe it was a Crash for Cash scam targeting Lorries and the earlier crash was a Lorry avoiding a collision.
  2. So sad to see an Ocean Blue Zetec S (same as mine) get written off If that happened to me I'd be so gutted, But if I did have to replace it under those circumstances, I'd probably go with a Mk 2.5 ST as I'm not a fan of any of the early Mk 3's, But I really do like the Mk 3.5 ZS & ST, but they are out of my price range at the minute.
  3. 2016-11-02 Don't Mind Me Not sure why the Focus stopped preventing the BMW's exit but the silly fool following should have seen she had nowhere to go, Making matters worse she didn't even acknowledge me and apologize, prompting my honk of annoyance lol.
  4. 2016-10-25 The Cycling Dead This cyclist really was riding with no road awareness, How can you not see that great big bin lorry turning? A second later and he would have bounced off it or gone under it.
  5. 2016-10-12 Pointless Overtake This knob was in a rush to go nowhere in rush hour traffic, Pointlessly overtaking one car then getting right up the bottom of the next one, despite a cue in front. He would have got a hand signal from me.
  6. 2016-10-12 Another Passenger Door Another passenger who opens their door on me without looking.
  7. 2016-10-15 Hunting a wild Focus RS Tried catching up with a new Focus RS on the motorway but lost it after it exited, Looks like he had a 'faulty' left indicator.
  8. 2016-10-04 Captain BMW In Action Captain BMW (aka Mr I'm More Important Than You) does a cheeky overtake using the right only lane, Then rides the center of the road looking for his time to pounce, gaining himself a valuable 4 seconds.
  9. 2016-10-02 Blind Turner This idiot didn't want to wait until it was clear to turn or just didn't see me coming, either way he seems to have maneuvered at the last second.
  10. 2016-09-24 Another Idiot Pedestrian Idiot Pedestrian walks into road without looking. Looks like another Eastern European with no road education.
  11. 2016-09-13 Smart Motorway vs Stupid BMW BMW using hard-shoulder as his personal lane. The Matrix Sign at the beginning says it's for Emergency Use Only as it's obviously not that busy.
  12. 2016-08-19 Another Pole in a Bus Lane Another Pole (PL Plate) drives in a Bus Lane, Just like this Lorry did back in April
  13. 2016-08-16 Red Light 4x4 A 4x4 runs a very late Red Light, I think it took the White Fiesta by surprise.
  14. 2016-08-12 Focus RS in Leeds The new Ford Focus RS on the road in Leeds, I know from the plate it's not the Demo from the local Ford Dealer close by.
  15. 2016-08-02 Impatient Audi Overtake Impatient Audi Driver overtakes like a Muppet, Yeh the other car was probably doing 30 in 40, but there wasn't that far to go down that slip road.