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  1. Final Build Spec & Photos I did go with my initial wishlist, with only the LED's colour changing from Red to White, an offer on the White RAM swayed me, but I I'm loving the Black & White look, especially as it matches my room lol. Asus ROG Strix Z270G M-ATX Motherboard Intel Core I7 7700K Kaby Lake 4.2GHZ Corsair Vengeance LED 16GB DDR4 3000MHz Memory Samsung 250GB 960 Evo PCIe NVMe Arctic Freezer i32 CPU Cooler Corsair RM650X Fully Modular PSU Corsair Carbide 88R M-ATX Case LG 34UC88 34" IPS Super-Wide Curved Monitor Some perfect timing buying everything, so glad I waited until I did, I saved £13 on the White LED RAM and £8 on the case with Scan's Today Only page, Free Postage on everything with the CPU, I also received a free Asus ROG Sheath XL Mouse Mat worth £33.99 with the Motherboard. The PC parts were ordered from Scan and the Monitor from Overclockers, but both delivered by DPD and arrived together on the same van. I was annoyed that having just downloaded what I thought was the latest version of Windows, it decides to download the 'Anniversary Edition' Update, That thing came out ages ago so I can't understand why you download an early build and then update the whole thing again (it literally installs another full OS). Not liking the GPU Power Cable (now I have a window), I've seen a custom Single PCIe cable which will look a bit better, I can understand GPU makers putting the power sockets on the outside edge if the card is over a foot long but mine isn't that bad, It would have looked some much better with the power socket at the end. So happy I ordered the Ultra-Wide monitor at the same time as it changes everything, it only took about a minute to get used to it. The front intake fans are my old Red LED fans but you can't really see them, thought about putting them on top to indicate hot air out, I'll replace the CPU Cooler fan with another Corsair ML Pro (see back of case) at some point. The CPU fan is semi-passive so my CPU, GPU & PSU fans are all off when the system is not doing anything too tasking, But after running Asus's Fan software my CPU cooler is actually running constantly but very slowly so I don't mind, The PC really quietened down once the software knew what fan did what. Early on I was looking at an AIO liquid cooler (Corsair H100i), but the cost and the threat of a pump failure put me off.
  2. GTX 970, (Asus STRIX which will match motherboard nicely) I had to upgrade a year ago from my GTX 560 that died, I really didn't want to spend £275 on a video card at the time, I thought about a 960 but pushed for 970 in the end, thinking of future and more CUDA cores for video editing. A GTX 970 can easily push 3440x1440 with Medium to High settings, my games aren't loaded to the hilt with eye candy so should be fine.
  3. 34" Ultra-wide Monitor ordered this morning (LG 34UC88). I think I'd be really disappointed after spending £1000 on a new system and see everything looks exactly the same, These ultra-wide monitors give a new experience to the PC, basically 2 screens in 1 with a split screen for websites etc, A much greater experience in games, especially mine which are Arma 3 and Driving games, And they give a whole new level to editing video with a timeline that is so wide. Both PC and Monitor are expected tomorrow, gonna try to do a video for the build. I'm also gonna try out this darker windows theme this afternoon, it looks really cool and with such a large monitor I won't get blinded by white windows backgrounds.
  4. Clicked Buy (FINALLY!!) QTY LN DESCRIPTION EX VAT INC VAT 1 53768 120mm Corsair Quiet LED Fan AF120-LED, White, Dual Pack £18.32 £21.98 2 63129 20cm Sharkoon 3-pin Black Braided Splitter Y-Cable (2x Male, 1x Female), Connection of x2 Fans to x1 Board Connector £4.14 £4.97 1 66036 Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 32-bit/64-bit, English, USB Pendrive, 1 License/s, Retail £69.16 £82.99 1 67193 650W Corsair RM650x Series, 80 PLUS Gold, Full Modular, SLI/CrossFire, Single Rail, 54A +12V, 1x135mm Fan, ATX PSU £74.16 £88.99 1 68364 Arctic Freezer i32 CPU Cooler, 120mm PWM Fan, 0 - 1350rpm, S1150/1151/1155/1156/2011-3, Aluminium, 150W £24.99 £29.99 1 73079 120mm Corsair ML Series ML120 PRO LED Single Pack Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan, Translucent, White LEDs £16.66 £19.99 1 76376 250GB Samsung 960 Evo, V-NAND, M.2 PCIe Gen 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.1, 3200MB/s Read, 1500MB/s Write, 330K/300K IOPS £107.49 £128.99 1 76864 Intel Core i7 7700K, S 1151, Kaby Lake, Quad Core, 8 Thread, 4.2GHz, 4.5GHz Turbo, 8MB Cache, 1150MHz GPU, 91W, CPU, Box £274.99 £329.99 1 77242 Asus ROG STRIX Z270G GAMING, Intel Z270, S 1151, DDR4, SATA3, M.2, 2-Way SLi/CrossFire, GbE/WiFi, USB 3.1 A+C, Micro ATX £152.49 £182.99 1 2D 16GB (2x8GB) Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LED, PC4-24000 (3000), Non-ECC Unbuffered, CAS 15-17-17-35, Whit £99.15 £118.98 1 3A Corsair Carbide Series 88R Windowed MicroATX/MiniITX Computer Chassis, with USB 3.0, Black £34.99 £41.99
  5. Finger is hovering over the Buy button tonight, I've given Ryzen a look, many times, but I'm not convinced. It's funny seeing all the fan boys on both sides arguing on YouTube videos, "AMD's £500 CPU matches or beats Intel's £1000 CPU".......but the £330 i7 7700K sits at the top in nearly all of the games tested. I'm not a massive gamer, but that kind off performance in low thread optimization shows the higher clock speeds delivering performance. The greatest benefit of Ryzens 8 Cores to me will be in video processing, but I see CUDA cores in graphics cards being used more these days, Shaving off a couple of minutes outputting a video isn't more important than having a faster system all the time. Lots of people are hoping Ryzen will improve over time with Windows, Software & Games being properly optimized, I'd rather buy it next time when I get what I'm paying for, not waiting for it to improve. With all of Intel's dull releases lately you forget they have polish the hell out of their stuff, reliability and overclocking are there.
  6. Update: Police rang me a couple of hours ago wanting to view my footage, Due to Firewalls etc they couldn't download the footage and wanted to come and get it on USB, they've just been and viewed/taken the footage. I asked about the guy who was hit, he suffered 20 facial fractures and some minor brain damage, but he was a builder and quite a big bloke, so he took it better than other people might have, he's conscious so that's good. I also asked if they had caught the bikers, they are still looking for them, they've got plenty of local CCTV but most peoples footage looks at their gardens/drives, Hopefully my footage did get the 2 lads involved and can lead to arrests.
  7. Please post a few pics and opinions on here, I'm still set on a 7700K, but strange things have happened in the last year that nobody expected, maybe I might swap camps lol. It's my birthday in a few weeks and I'd like to get all my parts by then, I didn't treat myself last year on my 40th so I'd like to this year.
  8. 2017-02-23 Red Light Bikers Idiots on bikes run a red light and pull wheelies on wrong side of the road. A few days later I came across this story all over Facebook (West Yorkshire Police, Yorkshire Evening Post and shared by 2 friends). I felt it was just too similar and rang the Police to say I'd seen 2 bikers a few days earlier doing the same thing just a few miles away and got footage, I figure if a witness could match these idiots to that incident then I have clear footage of their plates and they could trace or track them. Not had anyone contact me.
  9. OMG If I was driving the other car I think my heart would have stopped.
  10. I was going to post a link to the a quarter of site but I was just beaten to it by Stoney, I've had that site in my bookmarks for years but I've never ordered anything, prices seem quite high these days lol. So many memories form those older sweets, I will treat myself one day to a jar of retro sweets.
  11. When I bought my Focus Mk2.5, I occasional got a repeating thumping noise coming from the brakes, mostly from cold. The dealer used his garage to do it's Service/MOT, it had new brakes and pads fitted using non-Ford parts. I took it back and showed them, they had a look and I drove away thinking it was sorted, it wasn't the noise came back. After going back again on a Saturday they weren't even open, so I got fed up and went to my local garage literally and the end of my street, they looked and said they couldn't find anything wrong, but the thumping noise never came back! so they'd fixed it without knowing it, I'm assuming they took off the pads to look and refitted them properly.
  12. My engine is also a 1.6 Ti-VCT and if your driving is like mine then it's probably normal, I mainly do short urban trips but I do like to get up to speed, my current Average MPG is mid to low 20's (not reset the computer for a while). When I fill up with poor MPG figures it will tell me I have a 250 Mile range, if I'm doing motorways and MPG is good it will say 330/350 when filled up. I took this after the 772.6 mile trip to Cornwall and back, averaged 42.5 MPG which is bang on the Ford figure, this was 70/80mph Motorway, several 50mph Speed Limits and a few short urban trips, but generally long straight roads, nothing like my day to day driving. The trip down is 369 Miles and I've done it on 1 tank with about 1/8th of the tank left, so on a good run it will do 400 Miles.
  13. 2017-01-18 Feisty Fiesta Some idiot is driving this Fiesta like he stole it, Speeding & weaving through lanes, then doing some sit-ups with handbrake on at lights, Not sure if he had wrong gear or if he was somehow threatening me because he didn't like me so close behind him. Then he speeds off through a 20mph Zone at about 40mph, Total Muppet who needs a smack before he hurts someone (not bothered about him).