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  1. RAIDER32's JooVuu X Dashcam

    2017-09-12 Ready Set Go Had a bad feeling about driving on the way home after seeing 2 cars that had been recently damaged, then 2 minutes later these muppets nearly collide. It is a poor set of lights coming the other way, you have to be right underneath them or further back, none are shown beyond the crossing. I've almost got caught out here, traffic suddenly stops and your left stranded not knowing what the light are showing, The Porsche driver might have just crawled passed the light as they were changing, then the muppet in the red car took off like he was on a drag race when the lights changed.
  2. RAIDER32's JooVuu X Dashcam

    2017-08-23 Give Way to the RIGHT Really hating this mini roundabout at the minute, I slowed to give way to the right (no-one else was turning), I then entered it but a car entering it later than me failed to give way, I don't think she even looked right, silly witch didn't even look at me when I was nearly in her door.
  3. RAIDER32's JooVuu X Dashcam

    2017-08-23 A Bit Late to Exit Some numpty ignores the lane signs for the past mile or more, he had about 5 minutes to get in lane, it's a very long approach and well signed. But he decides to practically stop traffic on the M62 to Exit at the last point, I guess 'luckily' the traffic was down to 40mph, Any quicker and I could see a big pile-up because of idiots like this.
  4. RAIDER32's JooVuu X Dashcam

    2017-08-23 A Toasty BMW A BMW got a bit toasty on M180 today, Looks completely burned out at the front when I passed it the other way.
  5. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Very nice, I'll know it's you now if I see a Blue RS on my travels between Leeds & Halifax, I saw a Blue RS a few weeks ago coming off the M606 with a Y*66 plate, but that had standard silver alloys so I knew it wasn't you.
  6. Roundabouts!

    Was just going to mention you can get 2 Exits before 12 o'clock, you wouldn't indicate right for 'Exit 3' in this image, it's straight on. The basic rule of indicating after the last exit you don't want applies to all, we are just arguing between on Exit's and Direction's lol. I use the rule of indicating right beyond 12 to indicate I'm going around not off or through, beyond 12 you are going around it.
  7. Roundabouts!

    In my head I've always gone by the rule of 'beyond halfway indicate right' (so if you're not straight off or straight on) I'm not sure if I've read that or was taught it, so anything beyond 12 o'clock I'd probably indicate right, Obviously if the second exit is about 1 o'clock and there is a dedicated lane for it then I won't. I think it all depends on the roundabout, whether it has dedicated exit lanes or crazy roundabouts where traffic is flying at you across 3 lanes. I would indicate right on the roundabout in question, it's a single lane so those behind me know my intention.
  8. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    I'll guess it's either, Something Mountune, Something Carbon Fibre, or a Black Wrap for the roof.
  9. RAIDER32's JooVuu X Dashcam

    2017-08-02 No Indicator Idiot Idiot didn't indicate and from his reaction thinks I'm blind and to blame! I paused looking for indicators and he looked like he was going straight, He then turns right in front of me.
  10. Air Conditioning Blew Up!

    That is interesting! As I pointed out on this thread I'd just had my cam-belt changed 2 weeks before, weather was cool so never tried the aircon. It makes me wonder now whether I've coughed up £176 having something changed that was damaged changing the cam-belt. When I looked at the damaged I couldn't figure out how it went pop there with metal braiding, but thinking it had been pulled/bent now makes sense. I might email my garage this info, There will be a few 2009 1.6 Focus going in for their 8 Year Cam-Belt Service this year.
  11. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

  12. RAIDER32's JooVuu X Dashcam

    2017-06-03 Magic Rabbit Girlfriend doesn't like the country roads, so I'm getting told off for going to fast (for her), Then I told her about the rabbits that run out in front of you on country roads, then by magic a rabbit runs across the road on cue.
  13. RAIDER32's JooVuu X Dashcam

    2017-06-03 Idiot Amature Biker This L Plate Muppet on a bike did a poor job of overtaking this lorry, spending far too long on the wrong side of the road, It looks like the lorry tried to slow down and the van opposite had to get back into lane 1, The van could have easily have not seen him coming and pulled out into him.
  14. RAIDER32's JooVuu X Dashcam

    This thread is me sharing clips I've taken with my JooVuu X dashcam, I've just replaced my old Mobius camera when the second battery died and I fancied a change. The JooVuu X is a similar design to Mobius but has a few fancy features like Wi-Fi and 21:9 Ratio Unfortunately it's been a royal pain in the bum getting Wi-Fi to work and it can lose the date settings if you change anything, I also had to dismantle it to manually focus it correctly and the '90min' battery only lasts a few minutes now. I'm not too bothered right now because I got it £15 cheaper on Amazon and my sister gave me a £20 voucher so I only spent £35 on it. All Video's Best Viewed 1080p Full Screen *********And May Contain Swearing*********
  15. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Yeh this video has the Euro RS with the 'option pack' but no mention of the Carbon Interior trim, or Race Red colour. Glad the exterior trims are matt finish, they look glossy in the US reveal video. If this pack goes with all colours I'd love to see it on Magnetic.