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  1. When I bought my Focus Mk2.5, I occasional got a repeating thumping noise coming from the brakes, mostly from cold. The dealer used his garage to do it's Service/MOT, it had new brakes and pads fitted using non-Ford parts. I took it back and showed them, they had a look and I drove away thinking it was sorted, it wasn't the noise came back. After going back again on a Saturday they weren't even open, so I got fed up and went to my local garage literally and the end of my street, they looked and said they couldn't find anything wrong, but the thumping noise never came back! so they'd fixed it without knowing it, I'm assuming they took off the pads to look and refitted them properly.
  2. My engine is also a 1.6 Ti-VCT and if your driving is like mine then it's probably normal, I mainly do short urban trips but I do like to get up to speed, my current Average MPG is mid to low 20's (not reset the computer for a while). When I fill up with poor MPG figures it will tell me I have a 250 Mile range, if I'm doing motorways and MPG is good it will say 330/350 when filled up. I took this after the 772.6 mile trip to Cornwall and back, averaged 42.5 MPG which is bang on the Ford figure, this was 70/80mph Motorway, several 50mph Speed Limits and a few short urban trips, but generally long straight roads, nothing like my day to day driving. The trip down is 369 Miles and I've done it on 1 tank with about 1/8th of the tank left, so on a good run it will do 400 Miles.
  3. 2017-01-18 Feisty Fiesta Some idiot is driving this Fiesta like he stole it, Speeding & weaving through lanes, then doing some sit-ups with handbrake on at lights, Not sure if he had wrong gear or if he was somehow threatening me because he didn't like me so close behind him. Then he speeds off through a 20mph Zone at about 40mph, Total Muppet who needs a smack before he hurts someone (not bothered about him).
  4. I agree they seem to churn out 'New' CPU's alot, which don't seem to vary that much at all if you are within a 5 year cycle. It's even worse now that Intel have gone from a two stage Tick Tock process to a three stage Process/Architecture/Optimization. Apparently they are hitting the wall of how small they can go, so I don't see any big changes coming soon from anybody. I'm sure any enthusiast a decade ago was buying parts and upgrading all the time, I've had to throw away a ton of old cables and hardware. In the 7+ years I've had this PC, I've changed the drives and the GPU (which died last year). I've got to a point where I just desire new tech, because there isn't the need to upgrade as there once were. Am I going to feel a difference of a 3200MB/s M.2 Drive over a 500MB/s SSD? not really.
  5. I've always disliked AMD for some reason, I've always gone Intel & Nvidia. It's hard to blame Intel for the market when we've hit the point of little return, as I said in my first post I'm not lacking with a 3.2GHz Quad Core, There just isn't the need for ridiculous speed for Home use, if Intel (or other) added 1GHz to every generation we'd be over 10GHz by now, Even if anyone could utilize that CPU power, the rest of the system would be it's bottleneck.
  6. I'm currently on 16GB RAM and I think that's enough for now, I only edit small video projects so nothing major, I can always add 2 more sticks down the line. Yeh having large single HDD's are an issue if you're not backing them up regularly, I have three 2TB Portable drives to backup my stuff. Ideally I'd love to buy two 10TB drives to RAID as I'm hitting 5TB already and I'm anticipating much bigger Video and Photo files in the near future. Prices go ape after a certain level though, 5TB to 6TB is only +£4 difference currently (Scan), But 6TB to 8TB is +£95, and 6TB to 10TB is +£269, that make to sense when you can buy two 6TB's and have £80 change.
  7. Ok rant time, With the release of the new Intel Kaby Lake Processors I've been suffering with severe GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) I'm still on a (Gen 1) Core i5 750 Lynnfield 2.66 GHz (clocked @ 3.2GHz), released back in September 2009 with the launch of Windows 7. With most programs not needing full CPU power or not actually programmed to use all 4 cores I've not felt lacking in raw CPU power, But every time I see new chipset & motherboard features it makes my system feel really old, I'm still on SATA2 Ports so my SSD is running at half speed, so I'll be putting in a super fast M.2 SSD as a system drive for sure. I always thought I'd go to i7 from an i5, but most real life situations don't need or actually use the extra virtual cores of an i7, Money is an issue, but I'd go the extra mile if it was worth it in the long run. I mainly use Lightroom and various Video Editing software, the only game I play is Arma 3, I've got a GTX970 for that. My other issue is whether to use existing parts like PSU, SSD, HDD's & Monitor etc, I'd love to do a 100% build though. I like the idea of a single 6TB drive instead of using a 2TB + 3TB which are nearly full, I'm also drooling over the 34" Ultrawide Monitors (3440x1440), it would make everything feel completely different & new. Wishlist: Asus ROG Strix Z270G M-ATX Motherboard Intel Core I7 7700K Kaby Lake 4.2GHZ Corsair 16GB DDR4 Vengeance LPX 3200MHz Memory Samsung 250GB 960 Evo PCIe NVMe 6TB SEAGATE ST6000DM001 3.5" HDD Corsair H100i V2 Water Cooler Corsair 550 Watt RM550X Fully Modular PSU Corsair Carbide 88R Micro ATX Case (Windowed) LG 34UC98-W 34" IPS Super-Wide Curved Monitor (3440x1440) Windows 10 Professional 64Bit Using some existing parts and changing down to the i5 and Windows 10 Home, I would save about £500 on the PC (+ £750 for Monitor), But if my current system can last 7.5+ years then I'd expect this top spec to last even longer. Anyone else looking at upgrading to Kaby Lake now? From what I've seen there's no need to upgrade a system from the last few years, clock for clock the results are pretty much the same, just fancy new features.
  8. 2016-12-22 Bird Strike Hit a bird on the way to Grimsby in works van
  9. Yeh I've got him on my YouTube favorites too, when the car was coming out I was watching loads of videos lol. One of his latest RS videos was about his only gripe about it, the turning circle, I've seen that mentioned alot, along with the hard suspension, but that's to be expected with this car.
  10. Unless I win the lottery, this video is as close as I will get to picking up a new RS. I've watched this guys videos for a while now, he's put up several videos of his RS including on the Nurburgring and in Scotland. Someone in Birmingham actually cloned his licence plate a couple of months ago.
  11. Hope to see it on my travels between Leeds & Halifax, if you see a knackered silver Peugeot Boxer van flashing that'll be me lol. I saw a Fiesta ST Mountune last week passing through Hipperholme (right behind a Stealth Focus ST) I thought it might have been you but the guy was alot younger lol. Seen 3 Nitrous RS's so far, twice near Castleford so that might be the same one, saw a White RS tonight on Dewsbury Road in Leeds. Have fun with it, I'm so jealous.
  12. A quite interesting day on the road today. Spotted another Focus RS on the road (Castleford to Leeds), now I'm hoping to see one that isn't blue lol. M180 Eastbound was closed due to Lorry Crash (see link) ---> M180 Lorry Crash So I had to detour around it via the Humber Bridge which is pretty cool, with the video sped up 5 times the van sounds like a motorbike lol On the way back from Grimsby I saw what I think was an attempted Crash for Cash. A people carrier seems to deliberately brake and swerve across the HGV, The car stopped at entrance where you last see it and doesn't go into forecourt straight away. The HGV is carrying a chemical load too so it could have been very nasty. Very shortly after that near miss I came across the site of the earlier Lorry crash, the media reporting the HGV ran into the barrier. This was taken 4 hours after the accident happened, and traffic that took the slip-road off the M180 to detour are still stuck, so glad I went Humber Bridge. What I find strange is the earlier Lorry Crash and the Near Miss I witnessed being so close together, less than 4 hours apart. I can't help but think maybe it was a Crash for Cash scam targeting Lorries and the earlier crash was a Lorry avoiding a collision.
  13. So sad to see an Ocean Blue Zetec S (same as mine) get written off If that happened to me I'd be so gutted, But if I did have to replace it under those circumstances, I'd probably go with a Mk 2.5 ST as I'm not a fan of any of the early Mk 3's, But I really do like the Mk 3.5 ZS & ST, but they are out of my price range at the minute.
  14. 2016-11-02 Don't Mind Me Not sure why the Focus stopped preventing the BMW's exit but the silly fool following should have seen she had nowhere to go, Making matters worse she didn't even acknowledge me and apologize, prompting my honk of annoyance lol.
  15. 2016-10-25 The Cycling Dead This cyclist really was riding with no road awareness, How can you not see that great big bin lorry turning? A second later and he would have bounced off it or gone under it.