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  1. That is interesting! As I pointed out on this thread I'd just had my cam-belt changed 2 weeks before, weather was cool so never tried the aircon. It makes me wonder now whether I've coughed up £176 having something changed that was damaged changing the cam-belt. When I looked at the damaged I couldn't figure out how it went pop there with metal braiding, but thinking it had been pulled/bent now makes sense. I might email my garage this info, There will be a few 2009 1.6 Focus going in for their 8 Year Cam-Belt Service this year.
  2. 2017-06-03 Magic Rabbit Girlfriend doesn't like the country roads, so I'm getting told off for going to fast (for her), Then I told her about the rabbits that run out in front of you on country roads, then by magic a rabbit runs across the road on cue.
  3. 2017-06-03 Idiot Amature Biker This L Plate Muppet on a bike did a poor job of overtaking this lorry, spending far too long on the wrong side of the road, It looks like the lorry tried to slow down and the van opposite had to get back into lane 1, The van could have easily have not seen him coming and pulled out into him.
  4. This thread is me sharing clips I've taken with my JooVuu X dashcam, I've just replaced my old Mobius camera when the second battery died and I fancied a change. The JooVuu X is a similar design to Mobius but has a few fancy features like Wi-Fi and 21:9 Ratio Unfortunately it's been a royal pain in the bum getting Wi-Fi to work and it can lose the date settings if you change anything, I also had to dismantle it to manually focus it correctly and the '90min' battery only lasts a few minutes now. I'm not too bothered right now because I got it £15 cheaper on Amazon and my sister gave me a £20 voucher so I only spent £35 on it. All Video's Best Viewed 1080p Full Screen *********And May Contain Swearing*********
  5. Yeh this video has the Euro RS with the 'option pack' but no mention of the Carbon Interior trim, or Race Red colour. Glad the exterior trims are matt finish, they look glossy in the US reveal video. If this pack goes with all colours I'd love to see it on Magnetic.
  6. I'm not bothered mirrors being black just not 'glossy', would be better in matt or carbon. Shmee150 wrapped his roof matt black and I didn't mind it, but I commented on his video he should have wrapped the mirrors too. Yeh I'd have liked to see a dark & mean looking one, this RS500 style wrap does look stunning on the Mk3 RS, If I had the money for an RS I'd get it fully wrap protected, either clear or coloured.
  7. I've still not won the lottery yet, but hopefully I will in time to get this Limited Edition 2018 RS
  8. Mine is over 2 years old so I have the one before the new wide (C2) lenses came out, I'd definitely get the wider (C2) version, as a Dashcam you want it as wide as possible to capture as much as possible. I've recently bought the JooVuu X Dashcam, similar design to Mobius but a few more fancy features, It's been a royal pain in the bum getting Wi-Fi to work and it not keeping the date settings, also had to dismantle it to manually focus it correctly and the 90min battery lasts a few minutes. If I had to buy again soon I'd just get a Mobius C2.
  9. No I just went to local garage and asked them to do it (and get the parts), The labour was about twice the cost of the parts, so I can't imagine you'd save that much getting your own kit. Apparently there is a procedure to follow (if doing it properly), they should drain the system first and check for leaks. I too questioned whether they botched the job, but they are good to me and won't do jobs that don't need doing. Maybe if I'd said it just seemed to stop supplying cold air they might have checked for a leak, I never noticed it fade, but up until now I've rarely used it this year, it usually comes on to de-mist windows but thats not pointing at me.
  10. Local garage (not Ford) literally end of my street, Cambelt cost was £307 I think, Didn't get a lot done on the Service to be fair, think I had full service last year, just oil & plugs this time.
  11. I'd just got my cambelt changed (8 Year Service) a couple of weeks ago with its MOT & Service, totaling £463, Really didn't need the £225 bill for aircon right now, if it was October I'd have left it.
  12. Yep!! that happened to me last Friday, Weather getting brighter so car was warm being sat in sun, so I hit aircon and got nothing. Got car book in at my local garage for a re-fill, told it was £49, took it in after work and got call 90min later that it was ready, By the time I got there (5 min) they were looking under bonnet and there was a hissing sound, he said it had just gone 'pop' and being 5:30 was too late to get it on the ramp to check it out. Took it back in Saturday morning and got a call later that a £90 pipe had burst (part No. 1742539), They said it was a nightmare to get to and replace, so total was £225 for parts/labour/refill. The pipe had gone were the rubber sleeve meets the metal end, the rubber had split in about 6 directions, the metal braided pipe underneath was damaged, I said to guy at garage who drove it out that it must have gone with a bang, he said it did and it scared the s**t out of him. Really wish I'd taken a photo of it when he showed me. Just read a lady's post in Fiesta section of an aircon pump that went bang too, Maybe it's fairly common this time of year where they were not being used in a while and they just fail and leak, then go bang when re-filled.
  13. Something bad was gonna happen when you mix those three together lol.
  14. A couple from this morning, nice beading thanks to the whole day washing it on Sunday.