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  1. 2016-09-24 Another Idiot Pedestrian Idiot Pedestrian walks into road without looking. Looks like another Eastern European with no road education.
  2. 2016-09-13 Smart Motorway vs Stupid BMW BMW using hard-shoulder as his personal lane. The Matrix Sign at the beginning says it's for Emergency Use Only as it's obviously not that busy.
  3. 2016-08-19 Another Pole in a Bus Lane Another Pole (PL Plate) drives in a Bus Lane, Just like this Lorry did back in April
  4. 2016-08-16 Red Light 4x4 A 4x4 runs a very late Red Light, I think it took the White Fiesta by surprise.
  5. 2016-08-12 Focus RS in Leeds The new Ford Focus RS on the road in Leeds, I know from the plate it's not the Demo from the local Ford Dealer close by.
  6. 2016-08-02 Impatient Audi Overtake Impatient Audi Driver overtakes like a Muppet, Yeh the other car was probably doing 30 in 40, but there wasn't that far to go down that slip road.
  7. 2016-07-29 ldiot Taxi Parking, Passenger Hit My Car This Taxi driver seemed to want to park right outside this club to drop his passenger off, could have easily parked further up, but no, He double parks making the other car go around him, then his passenger opens his door on me! I couldn't see the passenger but I was being very cautious, I saw the door open just as I passed and managed to stop as the door touched my front wing, the passenger seemed genuinely sorry and because I did stop in the nick of time it only seemed like a light tap (the noise is the brakes) I was more pee'd off at the Taxi driver for parking like a fool and letting his passenger get out into traffic. It looked worse than I thought it was (a 2" square scuff) luckily it all rubbed out thanks the protection stuff I use, I wish I'd taken a photo but I was in such a rush to see if it would rub out lol.
  8. 2016-07-19 Fiesta Red Light A white Fiesta runs a Red Light, When I stopped at red the Fiesta was actually behind me at that point, He just pulls around me and goes through a blatant Red Light.
  9. Wow that Red Light was stupid, I used to go through those lights alot when work had a shop around the corner, it shut a few years ago, But I can honestly say I don't miss driving around Bradford!, I wish I had a dashcam back when I did.
  10. Wow I can't believe that Taxi!! I would go ape if someone did something that blatant to me.
  11. ive got another one from there to upload, a 4x4 runs a red and is almost hit.
  12. I bet I could start a YouTube show with all the videos I'm getting, a grumpy old !Removed! complaining about every other driver lol. I could earn a fortune!! seriously? I got censored for "" lol.
  13. 2016-07-19 Ferrari 458 Spotted a Ferrari 458 (left hand drive) in Halifax.
  14. 2016-07-19 Pull Out Mondeo This guy half pulls out, I'm thinking he's letting me pass due to narrow passage, when I get closer and he fully pulls out, with nowhere to go.
  15. Hot summer morning traffic jam crashes, just a few miles apart between Leeds & Bradford. 2016-07-19 Crash 1 The usual traffic jam coming into Leeds when a line of cars bump each other, seems to be atleast 4 cars making contact. 2016-07-19 Crash 2 A car has gone right up the rear-end of another one, traffic was steadily crawling between Leeds & Bradford.