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  1. Van driver doesn't do giving way

    You're getting as bad as me with your potty mouth, I thought you were such a nice person before lol.
  2. Raider32's Mobius Camera

    No Right Turn Almost hit by a Mondeo (far right) making an illegal right turn (didn't notice the VW doing the same just before) But that silly woman in the Mondeo not only turned right on a left only, but she was half into my lane and nearly didn't stop. Clearly Signed
  3. Raider32's Mobius Camera

    Pick Your Lane Don't think this guy knew where he was going, probably missed signs saying both lanes can go right. But he still shouldn't cut across lines like that without indicating, if he'd indicated to cross left I'd have slowed and let him back in.
  4. morning dew on side windows...!

    Oh this bugs me too lol, I usually just wipe it clear with my hand, I don't want wet items inside the car creating condensation later. Sometimes I still put the windows down in the hope it clears, it did it just fine in my old Escort.  
  5. Alexp999's Mk3.5 Focus St-3 Ecoboost

    Unless it has a HDR Mode then every camera will fail to expose for both light & dark areas, I was so impressed with my Phones HDR Images (LG G4) while in Cornwall last year I stopped carrying around my DSLR.
  6. Alexp999's Mk3.5 Focus St-3 Ecoboost

    I actually watched all that lol, you drive just like me (compliment there I think). Bit disappointed with the exposure blowing out the sky and brighter bits, Has your dashcam got a HDR mode? I'd highly recommend it, it's on the Mobius which has excellent footage.
  7. New Focus Rs Quote

    I pass it all the time, I'm keeping an eye out for an RS when driving past, I'm sure it will be in Nitrous Blue (the colour I would pick least) I'd go Black body and Black alloys, not that I can afford one though :( Enjoy
  8. Raider32's Mobius Camera

    Blocked at Lights A novel way to get ahead when you're in the wrong lane at the lights,It helps if you actually move after though.
  9. The Best Focus?

    I think the best mid-range (Zetec) model is the Mk2.5. Mk1 looks pointy nosed at the front with a fat bum at the back, I know it drove well but it does look like a melted Escort inside. MK2 does look dull, but better proportioned I think, the interior/radio looked dull too. I was close to buying one though. Mk2.5 looked so much better with the new front, climate control as standard and better looking radio made it feel more complete. Mk3 looks dull to me, boring headlights with a horrible grill & bumper, hate the rear-lights I prefer the Mk2 rear end. Don't like the cluttered interior with so many buttons, and that handbrake looks like it came from my bosses Toyota. Mk3.5 improved the looks of the front like the Mk2.5 did to the Mk2, the inside was nicely re-done to reduce button count, But unless it's an ST/RS though, I'm not rushing to upgrade from Mk2.5 to Mk3.5 anytime soon.
  10. Dashcam Purchased.

    I hate not having a camera in my car now, last week I forgot to get it out of my bag before going shopping, and it actually felt strange without it, like I wasn't 'protected'. Even if it's not you involved in an accident, it's helpful if you're a witness to something, I filmed this footage back in July, I just popped the MicroSD card into my phone to show the Police what happened, The Insurance company for the hire-car that got hit were happy with the video instead of me filling in forms.
  11. Zetec S New Honeycomb Grills Fitted.

    Nice job there, I thought about doing the same with the Honeycomb set and Black Gloss wrap on the bonnet lip.
  12. Raider32's Mobius Camera

    How To Kill Your Friend More Darwin Award Nominee's,This lad tries to kill his friend by leaping past my car, his friend blindly starts to follow him into the road,You'd look daft getting run over 20 yards from a crossing.
  13. Raider32's Mobius Camera

    Another White Van moment This guy can't be bothered to turn around where it's safe after he misses his turn,so he just cuts through traffic in opposite lane at a junction.
  14. Another Hyrule Dashcam Vid.

    Good footage, that could have gone wrong for a few cars there, Is that a 30mph road?, pretty sure there's a speed camera on the other side of the road.
  15. Budget Tablets

    Same here, (but for my mum & auntie to share) It's mainly for family photo's/video and some puzzles, I'll give them their first email address too lol. They never use modern tech, so I'm going for the Android OS to keep things simple. They need a 10" screen as they are getting on and need a bigger screen. The one I found today which I like is the Asus ZenPad Z300C 10", £129 from PC World or Argos. The resolution (1280x800) is lacking for me, but should be fine for them, It has a MicroSD Card slot which is essential for all the family photos & video I need to put on it.