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  1. Never have liked the overly fussy chrome grille especially on a Titanium X which has its fair share of chrome. Really like the grille on the new Studio and Style.
  2. Willy is this to complete the Titanium "S" mods?
  3. Awesome colour, I bet the delivery date can't come soon enough Phil.
  4. Ripped the Ecoboost & Fiesta badge off.
  5. I had a 3 series before the Fez and the tall gearing takes time to get used to. Its only ticking over at 70 @ 2500rpm in fifth, the only way to get a move on is to slam it in 3rd.
  6. I've seen this done to a Mini in the UK and the owner could not get anybody to insure it apart from the BMW Mini drive away insurance cover which only lasted a few days.
  7. Ford make it too damn confusing. I think to get puddle lights on certain models you have to choose an option pack? unless things have changed.
  8. So your not recording from the cameras then, your just viewing only?. Is your scart switcher controlled by a wireless remote control?.
  9. Thats interesting. I thought that if you had folding heated mirrors they would automatically come with puddle lights but this does not seem to be the case.
  10. I upgraded my CCTV 2 years ago to HD 1080P cameras with IR night vision. Compared to the old system the difference was amazing.
  11. Looking good Mental. You don't see many black ST's round my neck of the woods.
  12. Moanmart2 im an old_art and I roll wiv 17" cos I is dead hard. Big wheels always stand out on any car and the Fez is no exception. Yes the ride is harder but if you want to turn heads you have to go BIG.
  13. I guess alot of people take exception to having their collar felt resulting in a Police hate campaign.
  14. When I was a spotty 17 year old, all I wanted was a Yamaha RD250 in Kenny Roberts yellow. So I passed my bike test but my wise old mum said "take your car test it will come in handy if you get a company van". So I reluctantly took my car test and after two of my mates getting wiped out on motorbikes I ended up with Cortina 2000E as my first car. It was 6 years old and cost me £800 in 1982. Most of my mates had Cortina's like the GXL 2ltr. I travelled many a happy mile in this car.
  15. I have full leather and have had no issues so far. As with any sports seats just watch the side bolsters dont get crushed. I think the quality is pretty good for a Ford, no where near as good as my old 3 series but better than a Lexus CT200h which are paper thin.