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  1. friend got a 66 plate Kuga with the 150ps 1.5 engine back in January - not heard anything odd from the engine when I've been out with him and we have done some 200'ish mile round trips in it. Fuel economy though, ouch, it does drink - average is sub-30mpg
  2. What years for newer cDPF?

    build date on the Mk2.5 1.6 TDCI I owned was 27th Jan 2010 and that was a Euro 5 vehicle with the cDPF and no fluid tank. If you want to check for a particular vehicle, put the reg number into the Ford ETIS site and near the top of the list on the right it will say 'Emission: Stage V Emissions' if it is a Euro 5 car
  3. Focus 1.6 TDCi won't start, diesel pump???

    the pump on the tank that is fitted on the 1.6 TDCI is for the Eolys additive (used for the DPF) and this is only fitted on vehicles built within a certain date range - yours being 2009 is likely to be a Euro IV vehicle and have this fitted - you can check by opening the fuel filler door and looking for a little silver magnet on it. (should't think this being faulty would stop the engine starting) The 1.6 TDCI relies on there always being fuel in the tank, fuel lines and main pump - if the car runs out of fuel or air gets in then it will not start until the system is re-primed manually - had an issue on the one I used to own where an 'O' ring had a split in it allowing fuel to drain back to the tank when the car was parked facing uphill. Check for any sign of leaks, worn pipes etc - also when was the fuel filter last changed as I've been told these can also be an issue?
  4. Titanium 09 Mk 2 or 2.5 Redundant wires

    my 2010 had ESP controlled via the menu on the dashboard LCD screen - also doesn't look like your one has heated seats which mine did have (thought these we standard on the Titanium Mk2.5 but not on the Mk3/Mk3.5) Might be worth putting your reg no into Ford ETIS and see what it says about the car - if you want the reg from my 2010 car to compare I can PM it to you
  5. Which SD card for sat nav?

    I believe the F3 card the one that was recalled due to the postcode issue - suggest you go back to the dealer and tell them there was a recall on the car to fix the postcode issue - if they refuse, try contacting Ford directly about it. If all else fails, the F5 cards turn up on eBay around £25 to £30 - here's one for £23.99 - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-SD-SAT-NAV-CARD-F5-GM5T-19H449-FA-/262703504239?hash=item3d2a595b6f:g:4JUAAOSwImRYG3I2
  6. Focus ST Line 1.5 (150 PS)

    150PS (147bhp) is correct for the ST-Line according to Ford - guess a de-tuned version of the 182ps engine congratulation on the new car - the Focus does look really good in white with the grey wheels
  7. had four idiots over the weekend - number 1 was a delivery van in the left lane at a roundabout who decided to turn right, no 2 was a Focus estate on a dual carriageway, 20mph under the speed limit and would not move into the inside lane even though it was completely clear, No 3 was a Skoda driver who decided to cut across lanes exiting a roundabout and the fourth way an old Escort van that decided to ignore red traffic lights (a good 5 seconds after they had changed to red)
  8. 1.6 TDCi Focus Mk2 as a First Car

    from what I understand, there are two different DPF systems on the 1.6tdci - the Euro 4 versions have the Eolys fluid tank whilst the Euro 5 version does not and supposedly has better DPF fitted - not sure when the changeover happened, my car has a build date of 27th Jan 2010 and is Euro 5 You can check which version a car should be by putting the reg number into Ford's ETIS website (search on Google for ford etis), also the Euro 4 version has a magnet on the inside of the fuel filler door that tells the system to inject the Eolys fluid into the fuel tank when the door is opened & closed. Not doing the miles anymore I was so only have 33K on mine - was originally doing around 30 to 35 miles a day on A and B roads and had no issue with the performance once the car is moving - only have had two issues during the almost 6 years I have owned it, a failed 'O' ring in the fuel system and a flat battery due to an electrical glitch - other than that it has been a great car.
  9. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    is it just me or does the Zetec S hexagon grill look much better on the car than the Titanium's chrome slatted one? Also has anyone brought an Iceberg Blue Focus, seen plenty of Deep Impact Blue, Magnetic, Red and White ones around, but not a single Iceberg Blue one
  10. 2010 1.6 TDCI - 32000 miles
  11. thanks everyone, looks like the 1.0 Ecoboost is the way to go - from Alex's list of changes, I'll go for the Mk3.5.
  12. looking at possibly replacing my 2010 Focus 1.6 TDCI Titanium (109bhp) with either a late mk3 or a mk3.5 Focus 1.0 Ecoboost 125bhp Titanium X - seeing people on here saying it is a great engine. What difference in performance can I expect? I find the 1.6tdci is fine with normal driving but does lack a bit on power pulling away from stationary. Not too worried about the difference in fuel consumption as most journeys I make are now fairly short (around 6 to 20 miles a day) compared with when I got the TDCI (was doing at least 30 miles every day) Apart from the facelift body is there any difference between a Mk3 and Mk3.5 Titanium X? Also is the 1.5 Ecoboost that much of a better performer in normal driving as only figures I have seen are 0-60 which is something I'm not doing that often! If I was to get Bluefin for the 1.0 Ecoboost, any idea how much it would add to the insurance? Last year for the 1.6tdci I paid around £330.00 (Western edge of London) with no mods Thanks in advance, Mark
  13. Don't use auto headlights in foggy conditions

    does anyone find the auto headlights are too sensitive? Drive under a bridge and mine come on.
  14. owned two Mk1 Leon TDi SE models (2000 'X' and 2003 '52') and have to say the interior on them did have a quality feel, although on the first one the finish on the internal driver's door handle started peeling off (replaced under warranty). Actually apart from the 'standard' VW niggles of that time (sticking VNT turbo vanes and dodgy door seals) I feel they were a much better buy than the equivalent Golf or A3. The Mk2.5 (2010) Focus I own does have a cheaper look to parts of the interior, especially the 'silver' rings around the instruments (does anyone do a better looking replacement?). Was in a Mk3 (2012) Focus the other week and it did feel a bit bland compared to the Mk2.5, though the quality looked OK.
  15. Focus 2010 Mk2 1.6Tdci Non-Starter

    UPDATE: Car is running again - there was a faulty seal in the fuel system allowing air into the fuel lines. When the car was parked facing uphill, this allowed air into the fuel line and gravity caused the diesel to flow back to the tank.