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  1. OK so what could be wrong i'v put it in but it just comes up with 29psi and does not move when I drive
  2. OK it just has a T pipe a in line filter then the senser . I wasn't sure if I could tap into the intercooler pipe that's all
  3. No one ?
  4. Hi all i'v got myself a digital boost gauge. Question is how do I fit it
  5. Does anybody no what it sounds like ? Can had its map today I just want the bit more grunt when I put the foot down .
  6. Hi all i'v got a leak on one of my injectors looking at it . It looks like it's coming from the seal . Do you think I could get away with just changing the washer ?
  7. OK I might not bother then tbh . I did want to at some point put a cat back on but maybe I'll just leave it
  8. Hi mate thanks for your reply . Yea I'm taking it to celtic tuning do you no how to take the cat off ?
  9. hi all car is going in for a remap wednesday and my plan is to try get the cat of undo it and take all the inside out for remap im looking for a guide to how to remove as iv had a look and it looks very tight under there and where the downpipe connection is. anyone give me a heads up on this ? much appricated Gaz
  10. It's going in for a re map this week . And I now that if you remove cat the turbo will spin up better giving more free flow .
  11. Does anyone now where I can get a decat for the focus tdci mk2 Or if anyone has a guide to getting it off the I can knock it through the
  12. Tom trust me last night I woke up 3 times looking out the window plus having an expensive stereo also I was nervous
  13. My dead lock still works I can't open the door . The alarm goes off when I push the button once to lock . I was thinking of cameras ... Also your right my car does lock afder 10 mins but where I park my car and leave my keys are very close so possibly it thought I was still around the car ?
  14. Madmole . I find what your saying very interesting . I couldn't tell you how they got in but I do now they was in there my mum seen the interior light on and dumb as she is never thought to come wake me up but when she left for work at 5.30 the door was left open a bit . There is a guy like I said up 5 he road who reckons someone has a master key but as you said this couldn't happen . I'm sure I locked the door although I did have a lot in my hand . . This camara you speak of sounds interesting . ??? Also the car is fully tinted so maybe me and the dog could sleep in the back
  15. Wow stuff that hmmm now to think of a way around this