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  1. Can anybody help with this i have a mondeo 2006 mk3.The rear drivers side brake light is not working i have changed the bulb for 2 different ones and still not coming on the center brake light and passenger side both work fine...anybody any ideas where i should be looking....thanks
  2. Limp Mode

    Can anbody shed any light onto the problem I'm having the car is a 2006 2.0 tdci 130 last week when driving I was going up a step hill and the car went into limp mode flashing glow plugs...I restarted the car and all was fine then did about 450 miles in it no problems then last Thursday it happened again and I cleared it and the car was fine since then it's doing it all the time I had the AA out who couldn't find a fault code with there reader I decided to look around the forums and first thing I did was clean the egr valve which was full of dirt.I tried the car and same is happening just so you know the car runs really smooth no lumpy tick over etc no white smoke just this limp mode problem soon as I press the throttle the car had new injectors fitted 12 months ago and fuel filter 8 months back and a reconditioned pump according to the paperwork could it be the cam shaft sensor...? As there is a lot on the forums about these failing.Just hoping anybody can suggest anything else before taking it to a garage....thanks