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  1. footwell LEDs Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Looks like something to add onto the list then, keep me occupied while I'm putting aside some cash for the bigger stuff
  3. Thanks mate! I was torn between the blue you have and black for a while but finally opted for black. For some reason this isn't letting me paste links and the attach a link tool keeps crashing out, but if you go onto to ebay and type in 'heko wind deflectors fiesta' and 'lockwood sills zetec s' there are plenty of sellers on there all offering them at similar prices bud they are usually listed as MK7 onwards for fitment
  4. I'll have a look into it mate cheers, is it an easy DIY job? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  5. I will upload a photo of the LED spread in the footwells once i remember to actually take one
  6. Picked up my car only 6 weeks ago, & since then i've been clocking up miles and making a few little changes here and there until I put down some money on the interesting stuff (performance upgrades). From new I had the windows factory tinted and the upgraded alloys (which i wasn't overly fond of but they've grew on me massive amounts) Story so far.. Team Heko Wind DeflectorsDMB gel overlays (front & rear)DMB gel overlays (centre caps)DMB Steering wheel 'S'S badge added to grillLockwood sill protectorsFootwell lighting changed to redDebadged rearFuture plans... Eibach pro kit lowering springsDe tangoedRemap (hoping mountune develop something better than the current 10hp increase)Triple R composites front splitterSt rear diffuserMilltek catback exhaust systemRota grid or team dynamic alloysDMB steering gel overlayA few photos of the current situation
  7. From the album ZS

  8. You thought about getting a front splitter from triple R composites? Noticed another guy on here has one and it finishes the front off nicely Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  9. Been debating for some time, you've convinced me. ST rear it is!
  10. Looks like i'll be taking a drive up then, Cars lucky getting a polish after that kinda day!
  11. Must have missed the notification on this, cheers bud! Think it's gotta be done after i've had it lowered. Coincidentally was just looking at your car on here, hadn't considered de-tangoing mine but i think it's little things like that which finish the car nice
  12. Hmm strange. Might give my dealer a ring and see what they say and let you know, because I'm sure other people have had it done and kept warranty. I haven't really looked into how warranty is affected by mods but I presume it only voids the warranty of the changed part, and eibach springs should come with a manufacturers warranty, so you might be able to get away with changing them and losing your ford warranty on the suspension and just compromising with manufacturer warranty for the springs? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  13. I thought eibach are ford approved and if they fit them personally it still keeps warranty, that is if that's your concern? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  14. Also looking at getting some but can't find anyone that's done it. Have you had them done yet?
  15. From the album ZS