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    Mondeo zetec s TDCI & Ford Ka. lol
  1. Thanks for your help mate.
  2. I never got the tracking done mate. it was only pulling to the left for couple off weeks before i puled it offthe road to do the wishbones like. But it is going to the right really bad now. I take it everytime you do wishbones you have to get tracking done is this right? Thanks for your help delboy, Paul.
  3. I have a problem here, i have just fitted both side wishbones, before i fitted them the tracking needed done as was pulling to the left a wee bit but since i fitted these wishbones its started to pull to the right really really bad, Does anyone know how this is happening? Thanks, Paul..
  4. Hi mate, I dont now if there is a newbie bit to say hello but couldnt find a forum anyway not to sure how to work this site yet. Your car is nice, i have the zetec s TDCI, just wondering if you can just buy the headrests with the screens in them or do you have to buy the whole chair? and are they pricey?