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  1. windows problem

    hi thanks for the reply, i didnt know there was a way to put all the windows down at the same time! maybe he did that by mistake as he has only got the car about a week ago! altho looking thru the net i see someone else had the same problem but they no one seems to know what it was! thanks anyway
  2. hi i was wondering if any one on here would be able to help me! my brother has a 01 ford mondeo zetec this morning as i was leaving the house i noticed all 4 windows of his car were down i told him and he couldnt understand how they came to be like this as he locked the car lastnight, also when he gave me the keys to put them up for him i noticed his boot was also open! did any one on here ever hear of this happenin b4 or have any idea of what would cause this to happen!