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  1. Hi, Has anybody had any issues with the ABS on their Fiesta - I have a really wierd problem with the ABS check light on our 02 plate Fiesta. The ABS check light does not come on when you turn on the ignition and I would not really be that bothered but I have been told the car will fail it's MOT because of this. The strange bit is that the ABS seems to be working ok. Things I have done so far :- - Checked all ABS fuses and these are OK. - Fault codes checked on engine ECU and ABS system - no ABS or ECU fault codes detected. - Had the instrument cluster replaced with a new unit (also ran the test mode on the dash that turns on all the warning lights and the ABS light does come on!) I am now starting to think that something strange must be going on with either the ABS unit or maybe the ECU even though they are not reporting any problems! I am starting to think that this is going to get expensive, the MOT is due next month so any tips or info much appreciated!! Thanks