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  1. Mine is currently around 45MPG, not driving particular economical, haven't been reset in a while. Normally if i only do highway around 120kmph - 130kmph i get around 47-51MPG - pretty good considering its a small 1.0 engine.
  2. Paint job was good, whole hood was done, and down the right side of the car - i cant see the difference.
  3. I hit a deer on the highway just before new years, my girlfriend was with me in the car - quite a shock for us both, as the airbags went and we kind of skipped off the highway sideways into a ditch, well i hit the thing at around 130kmph.. Fiesta repaired for around £7000 Only person damage was me, whiplash, working part-time until a 4 months ago. Those damn animals, stay off the road!
  4. I had quite a bit of rattle, and found out this part under the dash in the foot well of the drivers side was not even attached, just kind of rested on some plastic / wires$_1.JPG?set_id=880000500F Kind of strange, so i re-attached it, and problems seemed to stop.
  5. Hey, I was looking at the aftermarket head unit from "Drive Audio" it seems to be the best looking one i can find, where i don't have to move the current display to a new location. Does anyone have it? Seems to integrate with menus and so fourth out of the box. Or does any one have any other kind of head unit? Thanks! /Mick
  6. No problem - whenever it suits you. Thanks!
  7. Cool, ill check it - thanks! If you have more sites like this please send :) Thanks for the help!
  8. Haha, awesome :D Thanks! Midnight sky is the color. Appreciate it!
  9. There isn't any import tax from England, so nothing i guess :) Biggest problem for me is finding one, don't really know where to look, and getting them to ship it might be trouble too.
  10. Tried to find some - but so far i couldn't even find any spoiler at a breakers here in Denmark. But i keep my eye out, and keep asking.
  11. Thank you for your reply - it is very useful. I will keep an eye our for a original spoiler. /Mick
  12. Hey guys, I was looking to get a spoiler for my Fiesta, not to sure witch one to get - what do you guys have, and where did you buy it? Original Ford is around £150, i also found these: Any ideas if the eBay ones would be ok quality? Thanks!
  13. Alright, thank you - i think i will buy the spray! :)
  14. Haven't had anything wrong with it at all - had mine for around 1½ year.
  15. Great little car - I love my 1.0 100hp engine, enough punch and power for me. Economy can swing quite a lot, but unless you drive 150kmh on the highway for 3 hours straight you should be alright. My wife is from Hungary, and we live in Denmark (I'm danish) so a couple of times a year we drive from Denmark to Hungary (around 1600km) and i think the car is quite comfortable, even at long trips, as said earlier, its no Mercedes, and no where near as comfortable and refined (my father in law has a S-class, I cant quite live up to that! :D) but still, i think it does it quite well. About the fuel economy, you wont get to the official figures (as with all cars) my experience is that on highway driving around 120-130kmh i usually get around 43-47MPG, just checked my trip counter now, and lol - it has never been this low before - its currently 51MPG - since i last reset the counter i have only used the car around town and on country roads. All in all, i am really happy with my car - only wish a had chosen a bit more tech, but its a bit pricey on my country, so my budget wasn't for £2000 worth of extra equipment at that moment (as i already paid around £14000 for the car).