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  1. Hi all new disks and pads on the front ...cured the juddering on braking still got steering wheel judder @ high speed after £400 spent im really peed off that it still has this problem the guys that did the tracking and balancing even put new tyres on the front to try to rectifiy the problem took it back to my mechanic who has checked drive shafts ball joints bushes everything...cant find a problem? ......waiting to borrow a mates wheels off his car and put them on mine for a test run to see if its the front rims I wouldn't usually be this picky but I am "fighting" the car to keep in straight at high speed if it is the rims its a good time to lower the suspension by 40mm and get a set of new 17"s on the "black pig"........its a process of elimination the cheapest way possible will be in touch regards Johnniec63
  2. ha ha .... yeah im just a bit worried that if I buy new disks and pads and keep the old calipers they (the calipers ) if are the cause might have the same effect on the new disks and warp them too!!! cherching!! ......MORE MONEY!! regards :0)ohnniec63
  3. definitely probably??
  4. Hi Talksy and all Interested in this thread as my steering is shaking since I bought the car 5 weeks ago had the wheels balanced and laser tracked......easy fix?..... no joy...... back to the garage balanced again....... no joy.......replaced both rear bushes on the front wishbones........found out they were rotten so replaced them...... result? joy....still shakes @ 70 -80 mph and when I brake there is a thoughts now are that maybe its a warped brake disk maybe because of a caliper sticking?.............will investigate this and get back to you regards johnniec63