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  1. Hi Tera, I see from your comment that you should be able to fit power folding mirrors if you have the above, I have all that on my focus 58 plate CC3 convertible so I am wondering will I be able to fit power folding mirrors, would I need any new cable or could it be fitted already, hope you can help, brian
  2. Hi my focus cc3 has 3 settings for steering, standard, sports & comfort. Does any body know what the different are between them. & what effect does it have on the car, thanks
  3. Hi all, sorry to jump on this topic, but I have a cc3 which when I open the roof, all's well, but when it's time to close the roof the rear passenger window doesn't drop down as far as the rest, any ideas?? Would help, also it looks like I need to remove the rear passenger panel to get a closer look in side, does anybody have any ideas how I can take off the panels, any help would be great, did try the focus convertible site but not had any luck from it, thanks for a great site, brian
  4. Hi, my roof problem might be the same, but when I open the roof , it works fine but when I go to close it, I get a message on the screen, roof malfunction, service required, I press the roof switch to open again, then press the close side of the switch & the roof closes without any problems, had it looked at by ford technician for said it was the fluid reserve in the boot that runs with the motor, all was well for a few months, but now I get the same problem again now the wheat her has got better, any ideas as to what might be wrong, Brian
  5. Dash pod problems

  6. Hi all, I've got an update on my focus 2.0l tdci mk 2.5, came back from Fords yesterday after a new Turbo control sensor & Maf sensor, she drives like a dream now & takes off like a rocket at the touch of the throttle, so not certain if I will blank the Egr value now, might wait & see how it feels after a few miles. Brian
  7. Thanks Wilco, think I leave it to Fords to sort out, at least they should know what there doin, & if any thing goes wrong in the future I can go back to them. Ta
  8. Hi Wilco, thanks for info, it's booked into Fords for them to look at next week, so I'm hoping they can fix it coz it drivin me crazy, is there a way of doin it myself or does it need to be done by ford,& if so what might be the cost if you have any idea, thanks, Brian
  9. Hi all, my focus mk2.5 2.0L TDCIq, has just past it's MOT with flying colours, up it's running like a bag of beans, my mechanic drove the car today & then spoke to Fords who said it may need a software update or a module update, does any body know anything about these things as it all new to me, I'm use to the old fashion way, (spanners & getting your hands dirty over a weekend) hope some one can help, Brian
  10. How to post a new topic

  11. Hi, I also have a TDCI 2.0L Haynes manual, are you still looking for info,Brian
  12. Sorry should read
  13. Hi Chris, try these people, Brian
  14. + I've also got a egr blanking plate, I have brought a solid one & one with a hole, but not sure where to put it front or back of engine
  15. Hi, 2.0L TDCI mk2.5 face lift focus CC3