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  1. Newby

    yay.. but well worth it if it saves months of angst and frustration and ££££s :)
  2. Newby

    Thanks for the welcome chaps xdazx, I'll be posting in the Ford general section soon but in brief my problem appears to have been with the egr valve (though still waiting for my car to be fully tested and returned after new part fitted). For others it can be the anti-shudder valve. Best thread to read (before mine appears!!) is: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/43264-focus-20-tdci-intermittent-starting-issue/ loads on there.
  3. Newby

    Hi a newby here saying hello. I've had a 2006 TDCi Zetec Galaxy for the past 4 years and have LOVED it... until it started to get an intermittent starting problem about 8 months ago. It has taken a lot of scratching of collective heads: mine, my very experienced local mechanic and local Ford dealers (plus a few other mechanics that have been contacted). I've trawled various forums for answers, the best of which seems to be on this site. So I have joined to share my experience (car reportedly fixed and due back from Ford dealer on Wednesday) and hopefully save others the pain and aggravation I have been through. Before I post, though, it would be useful to know onto which section. Logic says that it ought to be in the Galaxy forum but the most accurate posts regarding my car's problem have been on other forums and it definitely transcends other models (and quite possibly makes too). Cheers