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  1. The Cold Weather Vs. MK7 Fiesta

    I know it is not a relif, but it may comfort some of you living with the harsh condititons on the British islands these days. Here in Norway we have had what we call a good old winter, with temp down to 25 c below for more than 3 weeks. Lots of snow. The most important thing to remember when driving in these conditions is winter tyres. The difference between wintertyres and summertyres are lifesaving. I would never dare to drive on winterconditions with summertyres. My MK7 works fine, but are looking forward to spring temp. We cannot expect that before April. Winter greetings from Norway.
  2. Finally the snow has arrived

    For the time being I live in Oslo, but i have lived number of years in Bardufoss. Du som bor i Kiruna vet vel hvor det er.
  3. Finally the snow has arrived

    Best regards from Norway. The winter has arrived here in Norway too. I have been driving on winter roads for 32 winters. No doubt that TC and ESP are helpful on winter roads. As we say here in Norway; it`s the poor man`s 4wd. TC and ESP are specially helpful to drivers with little experience on winter roads. Thes gadgets are made for slippery and difficult conditions, here in Norway all new cars are equipped with these gadgets as standard.
  4. Soft paint ?

    Here in oslo, Norway its arond 30 c( which not happens every year), and I must say that the ac is really doing the job. It cools down my Fiesta really quickly.
  5. Air Conditioning & Performance

    Hi, even though I live in Norway i always leave the AC set on auto. I have not noticed any performance loss. Maybe it is because my engine is a 1.6 TDCI.
  6. Latest Fiesta

    Must be a joke. Or your Ford dealer does not know what he is talking about. Here in Norway its below minus 8 most of the winter, and the fuses has never caused any problem.
  7. First of all, I am a new member here and I am an Norwegian. So please do not pay to much attention to the language mistakes I might make. I have the same problem with the engine fan. The fan was running even when the temp was 20 c below, as it often happens here in Norway. I asked my Ford dealer about this, and he said that if I turned off the AC, the fan would not be running. I turned off the AC yesterday, and so far the fan has not been running.