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  1. Gasket

    how hard / easy to replace my rocker/cam cover gasket on a 2005 1.6 focus , cheers
  2. hi all i been told i need a new rocker/ cam cover gasket , any major work to do this ? thanks
  3. Tyres

    Just had tyres fitted , wow what a differance , had perelli in the end but had a great deal
  4. Tyres

    what tyres we talking here ?
  5. Abs Sensor

    hi im trying to find out how to check abs sensor with my multimeter and what settings ,
  6. Tyres

    thanks i look em up
  7. Tyres

    hi want to change my rear tyres on my 05 1.6 focus , what is the most quiet tyre for road noise ?
  8. Live Wire Reversing Light

    hi im about to fit reversing sensors to my o5 focus , need to find the live feed ( colour ) thanks
  9. Rear Noise

    try that tomorrow , new but cheap tyres on rear
  10. Rear Noise

    hi do you think my tyres can make a rumble / wining noise , had two new bearings fitted but noise there still and abs light now on
  11. Whining Noise

    might change tyres front to back etc
  12. Whining Noise

    just checked both abs sensors are in and ABS light still on
  13. Whining Noise

    hi again , i just put 2 new bearings ( complete hubs ) on the rear of my 05 1.6 focus , after a while ABS light came on and still got wining ?????? doing me head now , somebody said change tyres front to back viversa . anybody else heard of this or throw any light to the noise , HELP :(
  14. Rear Bearings

    both bearing done thismornig ( and easy job really ) and no noise , thanks to all who replied :)
  15. Rear Bearings

    wd and a load of heat i think on my list ,