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  1. Factory fitted tinted windows?

    All this goes to show how important it is what you tell your insurers, or more importantly what you don't !!. Don't forget they record the conversations that they have with you when you are taking out insurance.
  2. Keyless Start

  3. Coolant Temp Gauge Reading Too Low?

    Outside temp about +3 to 4, sat in my 1.6TDi with the engine ticking over, to prevent me getting hypothermia whilst waiting for the Misses, and the temperature gauge goes from the usual 90 degrees down to min reading which is 60 degrees. The climate was set to 21 degrees both sides, and the fan was running. The gauge went back to it's normal reading when I drove away. Question is, why did the gauge go back to it's minimum reading ? None of my previous fords did this.
  4. Tyre Pressure Sensors

    I have found what I think is a good site for finding out tyre pressures for Fords and other car makes, plus a lot of other information about tyres. Just select the tab 'Tyre Info' under the T in pure Tyre, then select Tyres pressure index, then click on the Ford Badge. The site is at
  5. Keyless Start

    OK, thanks, I'll check this out.
  6. Keyless Start

    OK, so does anyone know how far the key has to be from the car before you are unable to start the car ?.
  7. Park Assist

    I too was very sceptical about it so I went to a road without any passing traffic to try it. It worked fine, although I have not used it in 'anger' yet. It is quite unnerving to use, although as you have control of the clutch and accelorator, so you in control all the time.
  8. Wiper Blades

    My nearside blade used to make a real loud knock, like it wase hitting the nearside windscreen pillar. Replaced them with a Ford pair and now they are completely silent in operation. Huge difference. They were on the car when I bought it, so don't know what make they were.
  9. Electric Door Lock Release

    OK, thats fine, thanks. It just seems a little odd to hear it after the car unlocks.
  10. Electric Door Lock Release

    When I unlock my car using the remote and open the drivers door a second or two later I hear the electrical sound of the locks releasing. Is this a characteristic of the locking system or otherwise. Everything works OK so it's no big deal but it's just a bit weird. Previous Fords that I have owned did not do this.
  11. Unbelievable

    Obviously I don’t mean that you should stay in one lane all the time, that’s ridiculous. I have been driving for about 50 years, both here and abroad in left and right hand drive cars, also in the military, I also drove an emergency vehicles for the best part of 24 years, so you can draw your own conclusion. I think that this conversation has run it's course, perhaps we should agree to differ on this subject and leave it here.
  12. Unbelievable

    I really cannot agree with the comment that drivers on a motorway should move out of the nearside lane before every junction, manoeuvring on a motorway or dual carriageway takes a lot of judgement and unless you use these types roads a lot this is not straightforward, , I do not believe that a large amount of lane changing is very safe. For instance, it is not always easy when changing lanes to an offside lane not to get to close to someone changing lanes to their nearside, as they are in your ‘blind spot’. The less lane changing the better/safer.
  13. Unbelievable

    The only problem with being expected to move over to let someone join is that there are often vehicle in the middle lane, just on the rear offside quarter of the vehicle in the nearside lane which the joiner cannot see, so when the driver does not/or cannot move over the joiner gets very cross. The joiner does not have the right to expect that people will move over for them, also a lot of them join at far too lower speed, and make no attempt to match speeds or find a gap [ which incedently makes any car following have a very difficult time joining ]
  14. Unbelievable

    Leaving this particular incident aside for a moment, consider the following. If a vehicle is driving at 70mph in the middle lane why should someone driving faster automatically expect them to pull into the nearside lane to let them pass. Why cant they use the offside lane to overtake ?. If there is no traffic in the nearside lane then you should use it of course. By the same token why should someone joining a motorway or dual carriageway expect the vehicle in the nearside lane to move into the centre lane to let them on. They should be adjusting there speed to match the vehicles in the nearside lane, then just either slide in, either infront or behind vehicles. I was told that it put more people in danger to keep overtaking slower moving traffic in the nearside lane, constantly pulling in and out. It never ceases to amaze me just how inconsistently people drive, one moment they are batting along, and the next they are dawdling. So they are either right up your bum, which is very dangerous for everyone, or you are catching them up, when you have driving at a constant speed. Just a thought.