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  1. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    That's OK then as I must have Sync 1, button controlled. Whilst on the subject of Satnav, whereabouts on the car does it receive it's signal, is it via the aerial on the roof ?
  2. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    I have just done some googling and believe that I have this version SYNC (basic system) and SYNC with MyFord® SYNC has a centre display that shows basic information, such as caller ID, song titles, a digital clock, and temperature.
  3. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    How can I tell whether it's Sync 1 or 2 ? I have the Sony head unit, with a white sync button at about 10 o'clock towards the centre.
  4. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Thanks for the quick reply, So nothing needs to be switched on simply remove the old one and insert the new one, right ? The pic is the one that I intend to use, OK ?
  5. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    I have had a look around this forum but I cannot find what I am looking for. I am looking to upgrade the satnav SD card on a 2014 Ford Focus Tit X Nav to the 2017 version. Please would someone give me a step by step guide on how to do this, what needs to be switched on or off, the unit, ignition, engine etc. I don't want to screw anything up when I do this. Thanks.
  6. HELP What Is Wrong????

    I have had my tracking checked in the past, they used a Laser device but before they did any adjustments they clamped the steering wheel centrally. They fitted things to ALL four wheels, maybe they, someone forgot to clamp the steering wheel first, or they were not properly trained, apparently it is possible to adjust all four wheels !. I would defiantly take it back.
  7. Mystery fitting

    OK, thanks. Should have realised.
  8. Mystery fitting

    I have a 2011 Focus Tit X and in the top of the glove box is a mystery fitting, it is about CD size but they are a loose fit. It is quite deep front to back. [see photograph] anyone any ideas.
  9. 2010 keyless 1.6 tdci door locking

    If, like my car of a similar spec, you have a Sony radio, there should be a button just above the Red triangular hazard warning light switch. It has a picture of a padlock on it, and when the doors are locked, which you will hear, a tiny yellow light in the switch illuminates.
  10. Does anyone know why the time does not auto update on a DAB radio in a car. The ones in the house do, but not in the car. I have owned several Ford cars with DAB radios and none of them have ever auto updated the time. Like today for instance when the clocks have gone forward. The DAB radio in my kitchen has updated the time even though it was not switched on.
  11. Factory fitted tinted windows?

    All this goes to show how important it is what you tell your insurers, or more importantly what you don't !!. Don't forget they record the conversations that they have with you when you are taking out insurance.
  12. Keyless Start

  13. Coolant Temp Gauge Reading Too Low?

    Outside temp about +3 to 4, sat in my 1.6TDi with the engine ticking over, to prevent me getting hypothermia whilst waiting for the Misses, and the temperature gauge goes from the usual 90 degrees down to min reading which is 60 degrees. The climate was set to 21 degrees both sides, and the fan was running. The gauge went back to it's normal reading when I drove away. Question is, why did the gauge go back to it's minimum reading ? None of my previous fords did this.
  14. Tyre Pressure Sensors

    I have found what I think is a good site for finding out tyre pressures for Fords and other car makes, plus a lot of other information about tyres. Just select the tab 'Tyre Info' under the T in pure Tyre, then select Tyres pressure index, then click on the Ford Badge. The site is at