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  1. Looking to buy a Zetec S. Like everything about the car i am just worried about the issue with the alloys buckling. How bad are they? Will they be fine if you don't hit any big pot holes?
  2. Rim And Tire Question (Noobie)

    Edit : 195 width
  3. Rim And Tire Question (Noobie)

    So are you saying it wont rub or it wont fit? Can anyone tell me for sure? It looks like it would be OK but I am not sure if it was fully loaded. Thanks
  4. Rim And Tire Question (Noobie)

    Just because the wheels look too small.
  5. Rim And Tire Question (Noobie)

    Can you put a 195/55/16 tire on 16" rim on say a zetec. Will it rub?