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  1. Think I once read somewhere that here in the uk 30-40mm "poke" (where the wheels stick out) is legal as long as the tread on the tyre is within the wheel arch, which is achieved by over stretching the tyres, or a touch of camber. I quite like the banded steelies, especially colour coded
  2. Well after nearly 3 years of driving and 2 fiestas, I am moving on and picking up my Mitsubishi Colt tomorrow morning. Have to say that both my fiestas have been trouble free and a great to own, but the time has come to replace. Im swapping for a 3 door colt cz2 on a 09 plate, with 19k, finished in White. Will be popping back from time to time, just incase I can help out any FOCers just as others have helped me, the ST will definitely be considered in a few years as my age goes up and my insurance goes down, because we all know it's gonna be an amazing car, been a pleasure folks, bye for now.
  3. Suppose when you put it like that. Hoping to change cars within the next few months anyway, my cars worth literally next to nothing as it stands, just didn't want the belt to fail and then be left with a worthless shell
  4. Currently got 64k on the clock, just seems to be creeping up too high for my liking…
  5. Top marks from me, get some lamin-x smoked headlight film for the front, think the murdered out look is awsome, black alloys needed if you wanna complete the look, think the fiesta could pull it off like!
  6. 125k!? I was expecting 60ish! Good news I suppose, thanks for the help
  7. Just wondering if anyone could tell me when the timing belt should be changed on my car. It's a 2006 1.25 style, and I can't seem to find a definate answer anywhere. My local ford dealer has always been closed anytime I've got a spare 5 mins. Any advice appreciated, cheers
  8. Think I once read that mk1 or mk2 focus rear disks are able to go in. Dont take that as fact mind you!
  9. Just been getting some quotes as mine is due next monrth. I'm 19, 2 years NCB drive a 2006 1.25 style, best price I found was £661, fully comp with elephant.
  10. I'd have a project going if I had the funds, know exactly what I'd like my car to look like, all down to £££ though ha. Be good to see what others have in mind though
  11. I did think they'd be the same but I'd prefer to be certain before I buy them. Where do you get the phillips ones with free sidedlights?
  12. Looking to upgrade my sidelights, headlights and im about to purchase some fog lights for my car (Mk6.5) 2006. Anyone know of any combinations of headlight and sidelight that go well together. Looking at the ring automotive xenon max headlights, just need to get sorted with sides and fogs. Any recommendations, ive tried all the led sides on ebay before, and they have always blew within days. Looking for a crisp white light, not any excuses to get pulled over. Also If someone could confirm what types I need. 501/W5W for the side, H4 for the headlights and H7/H11 for the foglights...cant seem to find it anywhere, Mk6 facelifts dont exist on these bulb sites! Thanks in advance
  13. Think you can yeah, but why would you want to?! I love the bumps on mine! Each to their own though. Pretty sure the pre facelift lights will fit though
  14. I'm always too far away from any meets, I live right on the English/Scottish border, east coast. I'd be more than happy to go to one though if it was in reasonable distance :)
  15. I used to have the exact same car and mine done this every now and then, always went away without me even realising it, dont think its anything to worry about