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  1. if you dont mind, can you tell me how i install a focus mk2.5 speedo in my mk2? what do i need? and when you say that its needed a lot of work to change the steering wheel, what is needed? regards and you project is really looking good, just need a little bit more on the exterior ;) congrats
  2. This weekend was almost entirely for the Focus... Starting whit this: For This: And, i take this opportunity to clean the wheels in a proper way.. The final result... The second part of the weekend was for painting job... Before: and now: and the final result for the wheels... a lot of work but an excellent result in my opinion... ;)
  3. thank you b4zz ;) hi, i need help in one thing... i bought a mk2.5 speedo for my mk2, anyone know if is possible to change it and how to do it?
  4. news... There it is... Eibach ON!!! Before: now: Before: Now: And finally... regards
  5. new mod... old one off new one in the place: regards
  6. i think that its not possible to do that in that orange SW. thats photoshop
  7. Ahahha sorry, not my intention... xD the imagens are not from my car but its the same! and... most of the time i do not use almost no space of the boot...
  8. the last pictures are not from my car! xD was just an example... my seats are the original ones from a mk2 e and the center console a change it, its from an mk2.5
  9. no, this still a 3 door hatchback, but there is no rear seats, instead is a huge space between the front seats and rear door, like this: twice the space in the rear! xD
  10. Its a 3door only 2 seats, commercial vehicle, in Portugal is called "SportVan"
  11. Ahaha thank you! i worder why are you saying that! xD
  12. New mod done today... submarine light on!!! Hope you like! later i will take a photo at night regards
  13. Thank you, a i have already some mods to do... :D
  14. By the way, i already presented my project! hope you like... it´s not finished but ... :P
  15. Thank you! :D