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  1. Why not use a auto sensing relay from a permanent live feed, the type used on caravan feeds which senses the rise in charging voltage to switch the feed on and switches off when engine stops, I used this way for years to charge my wifes mobility scooter in the boot.
  2. Fleabay, mine cost me £65 and was a straight swap. they are not model specific, mine came out of a Fiesta
  3. You need to remove glovebox and check what Bluetooth module you have fitted, probably 8M5T-19G488-AX (A=English X=Version) if you want USB facility then you need to change to 8M5T-19C112-AX , only version M or later supports streaming from phone. ignore the USB port on the 19G488 Module, it is a service port only, The 19C112 Module states "with USB" if not their its not USB. to add: The module is above the glovebox facing rearwards, you have to lay on your back to peer upwards, remove one screw to remove.
  4. Your assumption is correct, the port on 8M5T-19G488-AS is a service port only and does not support USB in ant way but presumably has a power supply, hence the indication, your only option is to change to the 8M5T-19C112-AX but ensure it is later than version M for streaming. Edit: the 8M5T-19C112 series does state with USB on the label
  5. I think you will find its a micro usb, look at the photo above your post, and yes a cheapy standard micro to std usb socket works absolutely fine, I used a rh socket encapsulated on a brackey mounted side of glovebox and whole less than a fiver. Edit: On second thoughts its a very early module so I may be wrong, it could even be just a service port ?
  6. Presume your talking Headlights?. if so they are relatively easy, just remove one screw and twist out forward, my nearside virtually dropped out but offside needed a bit of juggling. pragmatix: I accept what you are saying and some oem DRLs can be rather blinding but also sometimes badly adjusted dipped beams can be a menace, I think mine is a compromise especially on dullish days, not only look better but helps to be seen.
  7. These are couple more I have to test with more front leds and in the case of the 42 led more leds full stop althought possibly lower wattage leds, I am waiting for some bulbholders to test offboard to save removing headlights, the 42led is slighty bigger than the oem bulb but will check after testin for fit.
  8. Their are many same on ebay, just copy header and paste into search and you will find loads, critical part is 9mm dia, error free and 1 front facing led and 4 ide leds at 45 degrees, t10 w5w type. you can also find similar on amazon.
  9. Then the ones I listed will more than satisfy you, they give a nice bright white spread across light having 1 forward led and 4 side leds. easily seen in anything less than bright sunlight.
  10. You are limited to choice by the size of the hole in the headlamp that the bulbs push in. This is how they look:
  11. I used these: They give a nice bright white light and no errors, straight swap with originals and could just about pass for drl,s on a not so bright day, just check before you put headlights back to ensure you have correct polarity, I subsequently purchased some with 4 front facing leds to see if they would be better as DRLs but havnt got round to fitting yet.
  12. My petrol 2.0 also heats up quickly and whats impressive for me is how quick it clears the ice off the windscreen in winter.
  13. The USB port in the Bluetooth module is a mini port, so as a check on your existing lead/socket temp change it for a cheap usb lead as suggested.
  14. You can check the usb port by using a cheapy standard mini usb to std usb socket lead, you do not need the ford oem lead.
  15. You do not need the Ford lead, any cheapy lead will do, minimum you need is a mini usb to std usb socket and hang it where you want although I made up a right angle socket with plug mounted on side of glovebox same as ford located it to enable easily removable if had to remove glove box again, cant remember whether module is mini or micro usb socket., Note: that non usb modules have a usb socket it is for service use only, Usb modules state with USB on the label