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  1. That is totally incorrect information,, the usb port on the 8M5T-19G48-Ax module is a service port only and not USB, You need a 8M5T-19C112-Ax (USB version) for USB use and the unit is marked on the label "with USB" the last digit signifies version and you need vers N or later for streaming from phone, in my case it was a straight swap for use with Sony 6cd dab unit plus a cheapy usb lead and nothing else.
  2. Their is specific position on the stalk for Autowipe along with normal and high speed, in autowipe wipers varies speed dependant on rain and possibly speed
  3. I believe the max depending on existing version is v1007 and as far as I am aware it just gives a little squiggle on the display to give scrolling thru Avg mpg. Instant mpg, avg speed. miles to empty, etc via the LH ok button on steering wheel, you will probably get more accurate info if you give your existing version number.
  4. My rear view Auto dimming mirror is in the middle, do they do them on side mirrors as well >> Re read again so presume you mean LHD and RHD, Perhaps its something to do with the sensor in the glass being on the right hand side but can not see this being a problem
  5. Managed to find the figures for a fuel check I did last Sunday on mainly 4mpg mainly urban roads upto 60mph with light traffic, did this with MPG set to zero at start. Outbound: 7.3 miles reading 65.4 mpg at destination Inbound: 7.3 miles reading 39.6 at home, including Boot to overtake sunday driver and 1/2 minute at traffic lights. the reason for high mpg outbound being due to fact I live in highest point of Leicestershire and consequently outbound journey mainly downhill, The figures are all from the cars readings which in my experience I find pretty accurate. I used to do trips from Leics to basingstoke which was nearly all motorway/Dual carriageway and always achieved about 42mpg with pretty fast driving.
  6. Yes 2,0 litre petrol Titanium estate, built built dec 2009, reg 2010, bought about 31/2 yrs ago ex fleet with full service history for £4400 at 127k, now on 134k, although not quite needed, fitted tyres, discs and pads alround because wanted clean start, uses no oil and and still drives solid, only cost new brake caliper for last but one Mot, although don't think it was actually replaced, the 2.oltr can move when required and is no slouch, I am more than pleased with it.and fuel consumption is better than my wifes last 1.6ltr 11 reg focus./
  7. For that mileage it has to be petrol. I am averaging 34mpg in mine over past 7 days on 8 mile trips on b roads plus local roads, get 42 on motorway and A roads. the only downside is down to about 26mpg on the often 3 mile round trips, only expenditure over past 3 years brake caliper for Mot.
  8. Haynes designates F10 as Electric sunroof and F14 as front washer
  9. You need to check the Bluetooth module you have, its only the later model i.e. vers M or later that have streaming, the usual way is to change the module for a USB module which gives you extra benefit, usually find on fleabay at about £60-£65 or less if you are lucky , the Bluetooth module is above the glovebox (remove to find), If you give the module number you will find you will get more positive info, do you have converse + display. Bluetooth is not part of the radio so changing head unit is pointless, personally USB is the way, tracks can be changed from steering wheel and display also shows on my dab 6cd radio plus converse, you will find the convenience of hundreds of tracks on usb memory card far out weighs any Cd or streaming.usage
  10. Just to Add, I fitted mine in a 4 x 4 plastic box with illuminated cigar lighter socket fitted and flying lead with plug into rear socket in estate,, the mk4 estate rear socket stays alive all the while, I used a 12v/240 volt inverter to plug in the scooters mains charger at 24volt, and it worked well. this way I could virtually use anything i.e cool box or drill etc.
  11. Your way over the top with your price for relay, quick look on fleabay the same one 30amp rating I used at £12.69 post free, even if you find WL on alternator you will still need relay plus substantial wiring front to back, to me it makes sense and simpler to just use smart relay at that price, no brainer.
  12. Sorry not familiar with MK3 Wiring/alternator having MK4 with smart charging, but in days past we used to manufacture standby gensets and one way we used to hold until running was to feed a relay from WL on the alternator which in days past used to feed the warning light, not sure if still fitted on latter days alternators, does the mk3 have a battery saver relay fitted ?
  13. Why not use a auto sensing relay from a permanent live feed, the type used on caravan feeds which senses the rise in charging voltage to switch the feed on and switches off when engine stops, I used this way for years to charge my wifes mobility scooter in the boot.
  14. Fleabay, mine cost me £65 and was a straight swap. they are not model specific, mine came out of a Fiesta