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  1. I thought it would be worth mentioning this as this juddering was happening to my 09 1.8 tdci when I first bought it a few weeks back. Apparently, it can be quite common for the injectors to lose 'sync' with the engine. I'm not savvy enough to explain it more technically than that, but it's apparently a 5 minute fix for a garage. Obviously 5 minutes doesn't mean cheap, but I was told that 70-100 quid is a rough estimate. Luckily the garage I got mine from was liable as I'd not taken ownership at that point, but my issue sounds so similar to yours that I'd be interested to know if yours is the same. Sent from my HTC One using Ford OC mobile app
  2. 2200 was the very top. If I'm honest, it fluctuates between as little as 300 a month right up to the big figure. Depends if I'm local or not. That's what I get for covering Devon & Cornwall! 37p a mile used to be good, but it's diesel all the way now. Sent from my HTC One using Ford OC mobile app
  3. Um, I'm a rep... I do up to 2200 miles a month . Hence why I'm shifting to a diesel. I've been doing this sort of mileage in a petrol 1.4 fiesta for 5 years! Sent from my HTC One using Ford OC mobile app
  4. Ok folks, point taken :). I've already paid the deposit so I'm going to insist that they cure it before I pay the balance. What's annoying is that it hasn't been a constant thing - it happened a few times on the 1st drive so they put it into their garage but then happened a couple of times on the 2nd drive. The 1st time, the fuel light was on & the salesman told me it had been on the forecourt for about 4 weeks so it sounds really similar to the situation in earlier posts. Sent from my HTC One using Ford OC mobile app
  5. I've just joined this forum to post on this thread. I'm picking up a 2nd hand focus 1.8 tdci 09 from Evans Halshaw on Sunday & on both test drives I've experienced a similar stutter when I've been at about 20-25mph & put my foot on the throttle. The salesman blamed it on low fuel ( both times it's been at or below the quarter tank mark on the drive) & has had their mechanics take a look but there's been no mention of checking or changing the fuel filter. I've got a mechanic friend who normally takes care of services for me & I was going to get him to do an independent assessment after I get the car. Is the fuel filter a cheap as chips part if that's all that's up or am I likely to need to throw it back to the salesmen? Sent from my HTC One using Ford OC mobile app