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  1. I am planning on selling my old 1.4 Astra, and replacing it with a Focus 1.6 diesel estate, of a 2005 to 2007 registration. It would have to be less than 40,000 miles on the clock. Is anyone going to put me off the idea?? Having owned 5 Astra’s in the past 25 years, is it time to join the Ford club? Rob
  2. How much is a 1989 Mk3 Fiesta worth?

    Jonny Fanks for sorting the email address, Rob
  3. How much is a 1989 Mk3 Fiesta worth?

    Thanks Jonny87. I think I've just shut the barn door, after the horse has bolted!!!!!!. If you can remove my email above, I would appreciate it, if you can’t, its my bad luck….. Rob
  4. How much is a 1989 Mk3 Fiesta worth?

    Firstly – thanks for all the nice suggestions. Secondly I know that mignulikz has sent me a new personal message, today [Tuesday]. As I have not set up for personal messages, may I suggest to mignulikz that my email is: Mr Spammer@an-email.con Rob
  5. How much is a 1989 Mk3 Fiesta worth?

    The car was born in August 1989, and I am assuming from its shape that it is a Mk III – see photo on profile.
  6. I have a Fiesta Ghia 1.4 litre, G registration, [August 1989]. It is in nice condition, and only has 54,000 miles on the clock. Only one owner from new, and has about 3 months MOT & Tax. Can anyone suggest a price to sell this [from North Norfolk], or a website that has values. I have looked on Auto Trader website, but there are no Fiesta’s as old as 20 years Thanks Rob