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  1. Hi my son has an 1998 s reg 1.25 zetec fiesta, can you tell me if £265.00 for clutch master and slave cylinder fitted is expensive or ok. Thank you in advance
  2. S Reg Fiesta Electrical Problem

    Hi Dan62 I checked out what you said and the brake fluid was very low and i found i had a leak on the back passenger wheel, so thank you very much. I tried to get to the earth but it was getting dark, so will try that this weekend. Once again a BIG THANK YOU :D
  3. S Reg Fiesta Electrical Problem

    Thank you Dan62, i will check it out this afternoon and let you know. :)
  4. Hi I'm a new to the fiesta club forum and in need of advice, my 1998 S reg fiesta which i have had from new is a bit poorly. My Handbrake light is staying on although the handbrake is off, when i have my headlights on the fog light flickers, my interior light and heated rear windscreen has stopped working, this is all happen over the last few months? Would it be something simple i could look at or do i need the doctor to look at her. She only has 74,000 genuine miles on the clock, always serviced and looked after. Any help would be greatly appreciated, don't want to take it somewhere and be ripped off, if i have an idea what is wrong. Tracy