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  1. Lowest ive gone is 10 , I don't like to go empty as there's a chance of picking !Removed! up from the bottom isn't there ?
  2. Don't think it makes any difference it being a ST , mines a Y Shaped jack in my S1600 MK7
  3. From the album badges

  4. using valet pro citrus pre clean , used a few different snow foams , valet pro is good and cheaper per wash
  5. did you get the grille after mate ? any pics ? cheers
  6. From the album badges

  7. guy that did mine is cheap , £20 for full set of badges including wheels
  8. Yeah there do what ever u ask mate
  9. I paid £20 for a full set and my own custom design . that was wheels and front and back and power button and steering wheel.
  10. looks great , great job on the refurb too
  11. lol I have . and had my badges nicked at a show , and mountune have a back log of ten weeks and then there £25 each so thought id improvise lol whats more annoying is the badges are made to crumble when u try to take um off so they would of looked rubbish anyway grrrrr
  12. cheers for info guys , should have mine tomorrow , do like those climairs
  13. Ijust bought my first car with leather , and I wouldn't say its that bad , u could always get covers for really hot days or use a towel if you find um to hot
  14. yes mate M is mountune , and yeah the S1600 didn't turn out as planed but thought id try something different . didn't cost much so no biggy . If anyone would like Any custom gels send us a PM
  15. tried turning the two upside down but they still come upside down ? sorted now , not to sure about the front and back might have some ford ones made but there do for now and cant complain for £15