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  1. Ford Essex V6 Engine

    Hi there Dave, I follow the following sequence: No 5 cylinder rock - Adjust no 1 cylinder, No 3 cyl rock - adjust no 4, No 6 cyl rock - Adjust no 2, No 1 cyl rock - adjust no 5, No 4 cyl rock - adjust no 3 and No 2 cyl rock, adjust no 6 cylinder. I adjust when engin cold. Hope you come right!
  2. I have the above engin and was hoping to find someone that knows this engine very well. I am having a small problem with it, in that - when I set the valve clearances to the suggested 30mm inlet and 55mm outlet - colde, I get a tapping sound on the right bank - (cylinders 1, 2 and 3). When I remove the tappet cover and adjust while idling, I think I make the valve gaps too small, as the right exhaust pipe stays cold, while the left one is allready warming up?? What can be the root of this problem? Please assist Ray