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  1. Fiesta Ghia X - Warning Light Identification

    Camphone pictures if this helps anyone on helping me with this Cheers Mark
  2. Hi All, Wondering if someone could help me identify an Amber warning light on my missus' Fiesta. It's a 1998 1.4 Petrol Ghia X and the best description I can give of the light is that it's on the Far Right of the dash and looks like a Half-open switch and a Coil. I can provide a picture if needed. I've checked the owners manual and the nearest thing listed is the Glow Plug light for Diesels. The car is running fine at the moment so I'm not sure how serious the light is or if a sensor wire might have come loose somewhere. I've searched the forums and found reference to "Coil Pack" problems but was unsure if this was related. Thanks in Advance Mark