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  1. yeah i may be able to make it. its just over a 2 hour drive which isnt too bad.
  2. im just west of reading and would come to some meets.
  3. im right on the divide of south east and west but would come to a meet. im about an hour from Bristol.
  4. Yeah it does cheers, it gets louder as you progress to 3.5k revs then looses the deep badass note though which is a shame ... Might have to remove the resonator next year this is how the zetec s cars should look imo. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  5. so this happened, 3" slash cut tips on a resonated stainless cat back system. £400 Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  6. That's exactly what i want, looks like i shall be at the garage this weekend then :D
  7. exactly what i thought; they fu*#ed it up and dont want to go back over it again. i will have to try and take it off partially and re-fix it myself. cheers for confirming it for me.
  8. what exhaust have you gone for josh?? that's my next step but i think custom is the only option.
  9. yeah my MPG dropped when i fitted the k&n. just because i left it in a lower gear everywhere to make more dump valve sounds :D
  10. so ive got the full kit fitted now however the body shop did a sh*t job on the front skirt, ive complained and they have come back saying that the zetec s skirt requires a different front bumper to the standard model. personally i cant believe that at all but is there anyone that could tell me for definite if this is the case ? cheers, josh
  11. I love the sound the 57s-4k has given the ecoboost. Much louder intake and dump sound Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  12. Brilliant, thanks for your help 😀
  13. I know this is a bit of a dead thread now but does anyone know wether the focus St side skirts fit the standard focus or are the zetec s skirts different?? I'm finally in the process of putting on the full kit to my titanium x, rather expensive for an apprentice wage though Cheers, josh
  14. Hi, guys im hoping you could give me some advice on a mod i would like to do next year. so basically i absolutely adore my car and do everything i can to keep her running sweet for as long as possible and so i don't want to do anything to compromise this. im looking to fit the k&n air filter with the larger lid but i'm unsure of how safe they are to use, i'm no idiot i know that they do let in more contaminants than paper filters and i know lots of people do fit aftermarket air filters but i'm a bit weary as when i did so to my old fiesta it started spitting out white smoke within a couple of days of fitting(may have been something completely unrelated but possibly not). if anyone could shed some light it would be much appreciated. cheers, josh
  15. Ok cheers guys, I shall have a look at the weekend with my screwdriver and hammer in hand :L Sent from my iPad using Ford OC