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  1. Thanks very much mate! ill have a look at this in more detail tonight after work
  2. Hello All, Unfortunatly me and the mother have split up now and i want to set up a bank account for daughter so she gets some money when she is 16, 18 or 21? Can anyone tell me which account would be best or building society to go with for best interest over 17years? Regards Callum
  3. I need start doing my car again, just has new LED lights, red side lights and thats it haha!
  4. Hello all, Im recently wanting to put extra lights in my car! im wanting to put red lights in all the footwells and a extra light in the boot? Also Im wating to wire in a usb port into my dash somewhere to power up phone / ipod etc? is this possible...? Regards Callum Welch!
  5. Gonna watch this as i wanna remove the badges off the back of mine as they are seriously un cool! I was gonna use hairdryer then bank card to scrape away but ill watch the fishing line one (im a fisherman)
  6. Hello mate looks awesome that! have you got a picture of the ambient light in boot? i want to upgrade the lights in my car as i think there rubbish so wanting some ideas! Much appreciated!
  7. Anyhelp please guys this is really annoying now and it's freezing as heaters dont work properly! ?
  8. please see the video (sorry its a little quite but you can hear the noise) of what it makes when driving but it doesnt make it when standing still Anyhelp would be appreciated!
  9. Thanks very much artscot! ive already done the spark plugs but i havnt put any grease on them? why would that make a difference? ill go get a coil pack at weekend as im in work until then :( and thanks for fog help ill have a look behind the bumper and see as i really want them again!
  10. Anyone please help? its really annoying now! Regards
  11. Hello All, i bought my focus just before christmas a 1.6 flight model! Has a little miss fire when put under load, had new plugs, HT leads and filters any idea on what else it could be? Also... heater only work on number 4 and now they have started making a weird weeering noise aswell but only when driving? One more thing... Can i put fog lights in my bumper or is it a pain to wire up? i had them on my last focus so want them again! Any help is appreciated! Regards Callum
  12. Happy Birthday Sneakkk!

  13. Thanks for your reply, ill have to have a look at this tomorrow when it's light and sort it out as it's getting on my nerves now!
  14. Hello All, I recently bought a 2002 ford focus flight It has a slight miss fire under 1K revs, changed plugs and air filter so has anyone got any idea of what this could be? Plus my heaters only work on number 4 settings, no idea why this is so any information would be good on this?! Thanks