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  1. There really isn't another better place for a Ranger forum, I know the current Ranger is really a Mazda in a Ford dress but it does still wear the Ford badge with pride!!!
  2. Hi all, I have a Ranger 'thunder' 07 (current model) I'm looking to replace the radio and would like your help. Q1 Is the radio replacable? Q2 As the facia looks to be part of the radio I guessing it's not re-usable? Q3 Does anyone know where I can get a facia that is double DIN but includes the heater controls section? Hope there is someone on here that can help? Thanks P.S Has anyone had any luck installing a sub and amp? if so where did you install them? I'm thinking under the front seats, because there don't seem to be much room in the back!!! Many thanks, Pete... :P
  3. Hi Admin, Would it be possible for the Ranger to have it's own section on the main page? Many thanks
  4. Hi all, I'm a new member having just bought a 07' Ranger 'Thunder'. 2.5l TDCi Exterier: It's Met black with a bed liner and Mountain top. Chrome handles mirrors and sill tubes. Int: Black leather, Off road information console, 6 disk cd radio I've bought it as an additional car for work and Scuba diving. (My Merc is now enjoying a long earned rest!) Please feel free to say hello. Pete