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  1. clock is now spot on, it turned out the car`s battery was no good.
  2. ye single press nothing, double press boot opens.
  3. link to the fix is here, http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/15332-fix-boot-lid-lock-random-opening-problem/
  4. glad i found this as my boot lock is playing up, can someone please update the maplin links on page one as not working. cheers karl.
  5. Hi all. right for some reason my boot will not unlock when i press the unlock car button on key fob (it did unlock till today) the only way i can unlock my boot now is to double press the boot unlock button on key fob, any idias anyone? cheers karl.
  6. Hi all, i have a 54 plate c max 1.8 zetec, i was thinking about getting the latest ford software updates done, question is will it make any differance to my car if so what dothe updates do exactly? cheers karl.
  7. OK, i have a 54 plate 1.8 zetec petrol c max, can theregr valve be blanked off please? cheers karl.
  8. any ideas anyone please? are the lights on the cd palyer and milomitor supposed to stay on even when car is locked? i am having to reset the date/time every day cheers karl.
  9. ye starts fine
  10. hello all, just a question, i have noticed now and then the time /date clock on my cd player wont hold the time i set it at? i can set time/date but every now and then i have to re set it as its all changed? when i turn ignition off the cd display and main lcd display on speedo stay`s lite for a while, 54 plate c max 1.8 petrol zetec. cheers karl.
  11. Thank you for the warm welcome. :D
  12. And here is my new girl 54 plate 1.8 zetec c max and i love it all ready. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  13. And here is my new girl 54 plate 1.8 zetec c max and i love it all ready. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  14. Hello all, newbie here, name is karl, i am going to be buying a ford in the next few weeks so thought best place to start would be here, so i can look up info the make my mind up which one to buy, cheers karl.