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  1. thanks Dezwe3z , your focus looks nice by the way , not fannied about with etc, thanks.
  2. Ok , i got it now its not under Focus, its under Ford Forums → Buy & Sell → Ford Parts For Sale Its near the bottom of the main page, now i know.
  3. Hi DezWez thanks for prompt response , can you point to where that might be because i cant find it , thanks
  4. Hi , I want to sell some Focus MK1 Parts, is it ok to just write it in this forum here?, Is there a right place to put an Ad in this forum? thanks, Ed
  5. Hi Arthur, Spot on. Thanks again, It did open after i reconnected the battery and used the key, the flap will open as normal just when i opened the doors using the remote. many thanks for your quick response, Hope this helps anyone else, regards, Ed
  6. Hi Arthur, Thanks, maybe that would explain it, the battery is disconected and i am opening the car manually with the key. So do you think when i reconnect the battery and use the key, the flap will open as normal just when i open the doors using the remote, yes? many thanks for your quick response, regards, Ed
  7. Hi, I have a Ford Focus 2005 MK II 2.0Ltr petrol. This may sound stupid but i have not put fuel in it for over a year. The fuel flap is closed shut. How do i open the fuel flap ?, is there an under seat fuel flap release lever? Thanks in advance. Ed