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  1. What you guys think am not too sure about the red ring round the rim might paint it white
  2. H.I.D's in tunnels ;)
  3. H4 hight and low beam H.I.Ds
  4. EOBD bluetooth plug and downloaded torque pro off play store
  5. Bought it to clear faltcodes but had a little play with car and didn't do to bad for a mk6 fiesta zetec 1.4
  6. Orr it went with a big bang bang
  7. I was very surprised
  8. What you think to this
  9. Not thebest pictures
  10. I have a 04 firsta 1.4 and a friend as given me a 1.6 focus gearbox and just wondered if it would fit ?????
  11. Bought this 2 weeks ago and its got abit of power but want more ??? (yoker)