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  1. Can anyone help will a 2006 mk3 galaxy steering rack fit on a 2007 mk3 galaxy
  2. on my galaxy my eye level brake light is missing a spring clip that holds the light in place and now it is leaking in water when rains , ford have said that they do not sell them , can anyone tell me were I can get one from
  3. Galaxy Steering Rack

    I have a galaxy 1.8tdci 07 plate my steering rack is banging inside so it needs replacing , will a s- max fit as they are cheaper
  4. I need to replace my indicator stalk on my galaxy mk3 can anyone tell me how to do it please
  5. Ford Galaxy Mk3 Parking Lights

    There is a prob with my indicator it is coming on when I driver as I know you can touch the indicator and it will flash 3 time , is there anyway I can tune it off
  6. Hi not so sure if this is a prob . Got out of my car tonight turned my lights off then went into my house , come back out 10 mins later and my back pass light was on , got back into the car with out putting the key in I flitted the indicator left to right and it bleep, then I put the full beam and the pass back light went out is this normal
  7. Abs Pump/module Fault Mk3 Galaxy

    Did you get it sorted
  8. Hi I have a galaxy 1.8 tcdi 2007 my abs module is running when the key is out , I have been told there is two modules one with track control and one with out do they need reprogramming or is it plug and play
  9. were is the tensioner pulley
  10. hi my son has a 1.25cc zetec ford fiesta 1997 the prob were that the thermostat had gone . as i couldn`t get to it i took the Alternator off now the prob is that i am not so sure how to put back on can i put it back on the same way i took it off popping the belt back on it or do i have to set the belt with the cam belt.