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  1. Hi, I've been trying for a few hours to remove the rear brake light cluster so I can replace a blown bulb. But have had no joy removing the cluster from the car, I've removed the screws that keep the light in place and have tried to look in th boot behind the interior to check for the switches that keep the light secure. Can anyone shed any light on how to do this. Mark...
  2. Good to know that it's not only my car then. It got that bad, that I got the missus to drive down the motorway with me in the back to see how bad it was.
  3. Hi, I've have had my 2010 focus 5 door since May and love it, but there's one gripe. When you go over 40 mph, whether it be in the front or the back, the road noise is very loud as if a window is down or one of the seals round the door is off. It's noticeable in the front, but in the back it's quite bad and when on the motorway at 70, you struggle to have a conversation with people sitting in the front. Is this normal? Mark...
  4. Cheers for that Lenny. People say there light comes on at 50 then 25. But mines comes on at 64 miles. Lenny I also noticed your car beeps when going through the menu and pressing the button on the stalk, how was this enabled as mines doesn't do this. Mark...
  5. Anyone still have the modified ones for sale? Or anyone with one in Northern Ireland, near Belfast. Wouldn't mind my car auto locking and the radio display on the front cluster. Mark...
  6. Right so love my wee focus, but a couple of issues I've noticed. 1st when I lock the car the display cluster (miles, times etc) stays on for about 10-20 mins. Is this normal? 2nd issue is when the fuel light first comes it only makes a faint noise, then doesn't make another noise after this. My previous car and other fords I've noticed, every time you restart the car you will hear the beep again for the low fuel warning. Should this happen or is mines normal? Mark...
  7. Anyone recommend bright white bulbs for the holders? I got these after buying a couple of cheap 501s to make sure the holders were wired. The cheap yellow lights give a better spread of light, but obviously the ones below are a nice white colour, but don't fill the footwells as good. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  8. Cheers Stoney so does that mean that it is normal then? Just on previous cars I've never noticed this. Mark...
  9. Ok so collected my 2010 focus on Tuesday and when hoovering it today, I noticed a slight raise in the front footwell of the passenger side. It's slightly behind where your right foot would be if you were sitting in the seat, so quite close to where the centre console meets the floor. I hit it a couple of taps, whilst it is solid it sounded tinny and not like the rest of the floor. Is this normal? Mark...
  10. Will these bulbs be ok for the footwells and main interior light Or do I need canbus bulbs for the inside? I realise they will not do the number plate.
  11. Cheers Lenny, I read your build thread a couple of weeks ago, real quality, but just a little too much for me. I'm just looking a subtle changes inside and out, although would love the drls that is in your build thread. Any one any suggestions on the other bulbs?
  12. Also I've noticed my indicator ticking noise is very faint, good when your driving at low speeds, but on motorways, you can't hear it at all. Is this normal? Mark...
  13. So after about 6 weeks of looking for a focus, I finally decided and got a silver 2010 1.6 zetec, full service history one owner and it's in great nick. Some things I'm looking to do and would like advice on. Main Interior light - Looking something bright, as the current one isn't great. Colour I'm looking is white. Footwell lights - bought a couple of cheap 501s to ensure I had the bulb and it worked. Can anyone recommend a white light that gives a good spread of the footwell. Number plate lights - I want something brighter than standard, but looks natural, not like the ones that seem too bright on cars. Also is it difficult to change the reverse light? Looking at the forum people seem to like those cree bulbs for these. I've already purchased osram cool blue intense side and dipped bulbs for it, just waiting on them to arrive. Any advice would be great Mark...
  14. Cheers for the links. I take it they were genuine from amazon then. Any suggestions on the side light bulbs then? Mark...