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  1. Aux Socket ..... ????

    Thanks a bunch , sorted it now Sent from the enterprise
  2. Headlight Dulling

    Meguiars do a small kit also , don't know if it's the same with the 3m stuff but the Meguiars is a champ at putting black plastic faded trim "back to black" Sent from the enterprise
  3. Aux Socket ..... ????

    It's a sony I believe , haven't sat in the driving seat for so long i can't remember fully haha Sent from the enterprise
  4. My New Mondy

    So I have finally got my mondeo sorted (9/5/14)after buying it nearly 6weeks ago , it was a £500 car that the previous owner had just had drop links , wishbones , hubs and brake pads , full service (inc filters) all done , there was other stuff that I can't remember , either way every worn part was replaced already Apart from the injector issue and the body work having been riddled with huge dents from a ruddy great golf club , Anyway the body work is now all better (slight ripple in drivers side front arch left to sort) and I've had the black plastic under the bumper body colour matched , team heko wind deflectors are being a pain in the !Removed! , alloys were smoothed an painted black Injector issue sorted for less than 400 Happy days ! Future plans only include addition of a subtle spoiler and a bit of lowering Some work on the headlights if I find a look I like , and maybe hubcentrics to give the car a slightly wider grasp on the road , other ideas will probably happen in time I will add some pics later when I pick the car up Sent from the enterprise
  5. Aux Socket ..... ????

    Dammit , thanks for the help The previous fixes on the honda weren't all bad , I just kept changing bits a lot Sent from the enterprise
  6. Aux Socket ..... ????

    There is a wire in the back of the aux socket that seems to disappear to the back of the radio system , as yet not had radio out to check if it plugged in there but the wire is not loose it seems connected a taught I'm so confused And I'm wanting to do everything properly with this car my last motor was a civic and any issues could be covered with fiberglass or other bodge jobs :D This car deserves better Sent from the enterprise
  7. Aux Socket ..... ????

    This is gonna be a dumb question I can already feel it Aux socket is in glove box ? Believe it is what I have found already However the button on my radio that switches to aux doesn't switch to it , it goes to cd but doesn't then cycle to the aux setting I'm very confused Anyone got any tips or am I simply being a fecking eejit ?? Sent from the enterprise
  8. Still Not Fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aye true , but they are now being sorted and hopefully I will have a working car by weekend , only things left to do are sort the heko deflectors and MOT the !Removed! thing , hopefully it will be worthy of some pics for the build thread page soon Sent from the enterprise
  9. Still Not Fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I too have thought this , it's been checked and given the all clear , Apparently the "new" injectors were as weak as anything and weren't holding pressure , originals now need reconditioning ..... This I turning out not to be so much fun to own as I thought :D Sent from the enterprise
  10. Had usual injector problem Got new set Programmed earlier today (communication problem to start with but after an update all is well) Running fine from 2 ish till about 6 Go to start car again around half seven , won't start , after 5 mins it fires up , drives ok till I push it a little and then it drops power an glow light flashes Turn off turn on , light out all good , 2 minutes later light back on then 50yds later cuts out and won't restart , 2 mins passes and it fires up This time EML on Aswell Creep back to base Proceed to shout profanities at sky as if it would help I'm confused , anybody got any ideas ? Thanks folks Chris Sent from the enterprise
  11. Injector Programmer

    I found this mondeo for £500 Dm flywheel just been done , wishbones , drop links , filters etc. so all I had to do was sort injector problem and bodywork issues but it's worth it cus it's got the poke I wanted and mpg returns are great Promised myself to keep it standard ........... That was never gonna happen Sent from the enterprise
  12. Injector Programmer

    Cheers mate I will probably look into that for the future , my mate found me a garage that will programme my new injectors for now , need the car running for Thursday haha , still needs paint , injectors , and some other adjustments , cars are such a pain to own sometimes Sent from the enterprise
  13. Injector Programmer

    Does anybody know (or can link me) of an injector programmer for my 2.0 TDCI 130 mondeo ? Really need a hand the mo Thanks for any help Chris Sent from the enterprise
  14. Exhaust System Change Mk3 Mondeo Tdci 130

    Cat/ dpf ..... Sorry , fecking auto correct Sent from the enterprise
  15. Exhaust System Change Mk3 Mondeo Tdci 130

    Thanks for that reply , not had a good look at the front part of the system yet as too whether cat /dog an it's shape but was going to remove back box anyway and put my back box on there which is 2-1/4" inch connection as it is , gonna be looking to remap as well at some point Sent from the enterprise