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  1. Problems starting

    Here's a video of what happens. This mornings attempt were slightly different in that each time I pressed the Go button, the car turned over the same amount times and then just stopped. It didn't do it's weirdness whereby the boot opens, or the alarm goes off, or the hazard lights go on. At the end of the video the car starts, which it hasn't done for a week or more, and after that each attempt at starting the car succeeded. https://goo.gl/photos/gjfU1QxvcXciyrtF7 Also you'll note that the forward radar sensors failure light is on on the dashboard. This happened during my last attempt to start the car. Do you think it might be a blown fuse? Olly
  2. Problems starting

    Hi I have a 61 plate Ford Smax Titanium X diesel. It's been pretty solid but for the last 6 months it has had a problem starting. It has keyless ignition. Recently when I've pressed the start button it just does nothing, nothing at all. If you keep pressing it then it might click like the starter motor isn't releasing. If you keep trying then it might turn over but won't actually start. Sometimes the boot unlucks and the hazard lights come on. If you're really lucky it might start but if it does you usually end up with some kind of failure on the dashboard (I've managed to get it started on to be told that the air bag has malfunctioned, sometimes that the traction control is active, even that I've spontaneously had a flat tire, front or rear parking sensors aren't working etc). When this first happened I had it towed to a local garage who told me the battery was knackered. I had had a few low battery warnings previously so I paid up, and low and behold the problem didn't happen again for about 3 or 4 months, until this week, when it started happening again, but this time with no battery warning messages. Things I've tried; Jumpstarting the car - has worked sometimes but often not at all, so I think that might have been random chance. Changing the battery in the primary and spare keys. New Battery. If this were a non-keyless car, and I turned the key and this happened, I would think it was a battery problem, or perhaps the alternator not charging the battery. Any ideas welcome. I'm due to take it to the local ford dealer but in the past they haven't been great when problems occur and only really seem interested in getting the car back out the door as soon as possible. Rarely do they seem able to interrogate the sensors or ECU to really get to the cause of an issue and seem happier to wait for some bloke called Bob to drive the car (normally for a great many miles) and see whether they can figure things out that way. Olly
  3. Installing Power In The Rear Of An S Max

    No. It came with every extra (literally every single one) except for a blooming cigarette adapter in the rear). Wonder if ford would fit one.
  4. Hi all Has anyone had power (either via a cigarette port or USB port) installed in the rear of their S Max after purchase? It seems odd that the only power points for charging devices are in the front glove box (wtf!) and in the boot. I'd like to install either a cigarette point or USB port (the USB port would just be needed for power, not actual data). Is this doable? Is it possible to get it installed in the rear of the drivers arm rest storage column bit? Olly