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  1. Dash Cam Installation

    Yes hardwire it to the rear wiper on a piggy back fuse and yes thats a Dam good camera kit you are getting there.
  2. Things I Don't Like

    Yes mate spot on,i have always had some problem and Team knowhow is Team Dontknow when. I was a bit mad when it went off 100% as i always look after stuff like clean screen etc and i get a nice 1inch mark on the top frame,black marker done most but not good.
  3. When i plug it in i wait a while and i get the windows message pop up saying it don't recognize,no sound and cant even get into the drive to format which i wanted to do. It shows in Device manager and got failed by it and nothing in Disk management,i have tried all the options in Device manager like drivers etc but nothing. Works fine on t.v.
  4. Taken a 250gb Dongle from Sony t.v as not needed anymore but windows 10 wont recognize it so fails,tried all stuff through Device Manager etc. Any advice as don't want to waist a 250gb.
  5. R.I.P Dolores O'Riordan

    Seen these live in the 90's and a great group,the N.E.C. was packed,sad early life gone.
  6. Things I Don't Like

    The Team knowhow online check for the Delivery/repair status is just a joke and told them this on the phone,they picked up my t.v and online still said driver is on its way,the t.v went at 10.30 and following day it changed to 'picked up' a day late,it was always 24 hour out and a 4 hour pick up/delivery time slot is useless. I rang them and said about what is the point if you cant deliver/pick up in that time as people have time off work or stuff,kept saying sorry,there you go. Anyway had it back (time slot 10.05 to 14.05) had it at 16.30 area and a nice mark on the top bezzle which has taken the black paint off it to see the silver steel,its the top so you have to look at the top to see it and the old black marker pen solved most of it,never be sent again unless it blows up up something breaks like screen and stuff.
  7. Things I Don't Like

    When your t.v reboots so being having cover until 2021 i sent it back........Team Knowhow from currys,had t.v 12 months ago. It did firmware update in November,also i kept getting Android pop up 'unfortunately we were not able to update ?????' anything. Then cant find anything wrong as a nice chap rang,did Factory restore and as stated online Delivery check it will be delivered back today 14th sunday time gap 10.05 to 14.05. As i wrote this its 14.15 and online states ''if we cant deliver in your 4 hour slot we will contact you'' ok still waiting.
  8. Some drivers are so unaware!

    Few marks there,some people just cant see as far as there feet.i had this on a petrol station a good few months ago,filled up and pulled off just a few feet away from the pump and a car come right up the drivers side as i was turning,he didn't see me pulling off but just got where the bumper joins to the wing and by spot light.
  9. First thing....Any topic..... Staff feel free to remove it as i have put a few on here regarding the Fakra camera wire/camera as the wiring is dead so topic i started is not needed. I have the Rear View Mirror with the picture what pops up, part No 026540 but i keep getting blue screen when i hit reverse,this is not needed so how do i get to pull the wires off the back of it which was for the camera and also i cant seem to find this Mirror anywhere to get a picture of what the wires are like.
  10. Things I Do Like

    I have VM and the new boxes and speed is amazing,had it for around 10 years or more and spot on,good choice.
  11. Is this the right Fakra cable (camera)

    Any link to the Fakra cable to make it into a RCA would be a great help,i have found out the link on here cant be the right one as its a rolling picture and black/white. There are a few on ebay but i need a ........Male one end and RCA the other for video (ford is a Female what i need to plug into). This can be the only problem that is causing this.
  12. Auto-Opening Boot?

    Im sure i have seen this being talked about before,someone getting some from ebay and had a link on here (i think) but they kept breaking or something. I could be wrong but i did look at them as a nice idea.
  13. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    There is so many round here going onto Audi,our next door got the new Audi 66 plate and its a rocket,think its the S A4 with all the stuff on it. Something around 320 bhp i think and a nice car. If you heart is set on it go for it.
  14. Things I Don't Like

    Yes i do know what all wires do and checked,i have got a joiner to make it to RCA like most are now and tried this cheap camera but rolls so trying another way. Just got a very cheap kit (screen 4'3,all leads and a camera and the camera is PAL and screen in PAL/NTSC and then try the cheap camera i have already and i also have the new one with the kit,not the best kit for for £16.99 worth a try,at the worse i have the full set up then. Was trying to find more about the rear-view-mirror like the wires and stuff 026540 but cant find anything. This is a 100% Dont like as if its there i would like it to work.
  15. I will second this as as said the insurance wont be worth anything if you don't tell them,i have the same on mine as yours when i had the car and aint had any problems but so hard to find a good set of second hand ones as i was just trying to find 2 ages ago but had no luck.