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  1. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    I was looking at the S7 (not the edge) as the prices have gone low now to buy but the one big thing with me is the battery life,i don't use it a lot at all. No games/music just the open a app a few times a day like news/facebook etc,is the battery good on the S7 or is the S6 just as good. I aint a person who likes a lot bigger than the 5'' screen but the S8 looks an amazing phone and reviews looks spot on.
  2. Android 7.0 stopping news feeds.

    I know there a lot of Android people on here,any of you had problems on a app stopping other notification sounds like no sound when item ending on ebay or outbid and amazon don't make a sound when item is being delivered,all setting are 100%.Im back to android after a few years and don't know all these problems.
  3. Air bag deactivation key/insurance

    Why do they give you a quote like i had first then take a hell of a lot off it,sure they look into it before they send quotes out in the post or email way over and some poor chap just thinks ''oh its gone up a lot ok ill pay'' when you can save a lot by having a moan at them Also the pass airbag switch don't even come into it as its not on most insurances list of mads as 3 places told me this.
  4. Air bag deactivation key/insurance

    Its open my eyes how these days its a complete Rip off world,gone from £900 to £550 just for a 30 mins phone call over 2 days.
  5. Paperless 'Tax Disc' Not Working?

    They just aint taxing them,what happened to these cameras on garages that when you get your petrol checks the Reg and if no tax or other stuff is sent to the police,i heard about this years ago but did it ever get up and running as we all need a garage for fuel.
  6. Android 7.0 stopping news feeds.

    Just done it in 2 dam good ways,installed a new launcher Nova launcher and its an amazing thing,gives you the option to remove the bar and customize it in many ways and also the new Firefox Browser (the new private one)Firefox focus which again is quick and a lot of blocking setting etc. So all great,also stopped the Google app and disabled it as Google search goes through Firefox anyway.
  7. Reverse camera advice''again''

    Never thought of this,here is the ebay link but reading it the item says both which is weird. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/170Â-Car-Night-Vision-Rear-View-Reversing-Backup-HD-IR-CCD-Camera-Waterproof-UK/252881778346?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  8. Android 7.0 stopping news feeds.

    All i have is Hide feed which then the same place say the Gardian still send another story,i also have customise feed and when i press this i get on the bottom skip or continue,its like a setting page (turn on this setting on the top). Not been on Android for ages so a bit slow on all the setting stuff,do i have to activate it to tick boxes or something to say no.
  9. Paperless 'Tax Disc' Not Working?

    You could never see this working,a local police having a walk round could walk past cars now and aint taxed and before they could at least see the date and color.
  10. I know a lot on here have Android phones but how do you stop the news feeds completely as when you swipe the screen from left to right you have the weather at the top and loads of news feeds under it (guardian etc which i don't need or want,tried a few things but don't work. Cheers.
  11. Air bag deactivation key/insurance

    Update.........After talking to 4 insurance places because i got online quote no one at all said that the on/off is not classed as a modification (in there list) as it don't make speed difference or safety etc when driving and also its an item which has to be manually turned off by someone so not on all of insurance people Mods page to add extra cost,i got a quote off all of them that worked out a good £300 less that the one im with now AA. So yes rang them back AA and there fault,the person i spoke to added it as a mod so another quote and yes its around the same as last year. There are some very very dopey people and/or people who try to get a hell of a lot more off us,my language was very ''held back''
  12. Air bag deactivation key/insurance

    This is what i cant get as some cars or a lot of cars have them because of have kids in,i was with AA car insurance for 2 years and great quote and this was on my policy and i sent them a form from ford saying it was on there and did nothing and this year its gone mad. I will shop around but they did say it can only be this but when i get a quote now online on a few and done add this as you cant AA and not in the quotes and there are a alot. What would go on if i didn't know about this and had a accident as i didn't know about it as every garage don't know if these was fitted from new as they are now.
  13. Ok when i had my car it had a air bag switch fitted for the passenger side to turn it off and i told the insurance which was all fine,it was added by other person. I would not of known if i didn't have it from ford and they told me it was on. My question is that fiesta have these fitted now on the top model from new (looked at a few in showrooms) Does this make any change to the insurance as if i had this from another garage which the sales person i would not of known so i didn't know it was added then just insured it how would i of got on if i had a claim and this was a added item,it wasn't my fault as i didn't know. I have rang up my insurance for a new quote as up soon and being with them for 2 years and its gone through the roof like £400 more and they can only put it down to this. Im shopping around for cheaper quotes and to declare that this is fitted £64 to de-activate it or they say if i just pull the key switch off the Air bag light will come on.
  14. I have gone back to my old faithful Moto g5 off my iPhone 6s as 6s had problems. Its on 7.0 and when your on the screen and swipe to the right you get the news feeds and weather. I have tried so many things to stop all these news feeds (Gardien,Times and a lot more and i don't want any of them) Followed online Forums with no joy,i go onto the page pull it down to refresh and they are there,i refresh for the weather alone not the News.
  15. I tried 2 on there in the last week with no joy,i just want to see if any have the back panel with the reverse camera is or separate and also the inner skin of the hatch where it clips on,large black part.