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    Hi there, I'm new to the whole forum thing. So I thought I should introduce myself. I have a Ford KA. Its a 1.3 style in silver. I've done some modification to it not drastic ones. Just changed the exhaust. Now have a 3.5 inch back box. got 15" alloys on it. Spoiler ( That I picked up off ebay for a bargain) and Ive tinted the windows on the back. When I save up some pennies I'm going to lower it. So yeah I'm 21 years old and totally in to my cars and anything that has an engine to move it. I grew up with in the family business selling speed boats. I now work for my father as a powerboat instructor.(did you know theres only 8% of powerboat instructos women? and im one of them :D) So I know my engines. On the boat side of things. My boyfriend who is a major car person is now teaching me about car engines as he loves his cars to. Then again I did solve a problem that he had on his Scooby a few weeks ago. :D but shhh I never said that :D Any way enough about me. I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys Angharad